Canada electing Trudeau caused the whale-watching tragedy, US evangelist claims

God caused the sinking of the a whale-watching vessel killing five Britons and an Australian off the coast of Tofino, BC, because Canada elected Justin Trudeau as the nation’s new Prime Minister, a popular US evangelist claims.

“It’s a sign of the times, the lord is saying something here,” Anita Fuentes, the Puerto Rican-American best known for her end times broadcast Open Your Eyes People and The Evangelistic Ministries of Anita Fuentes, said. “It’s because of the new prime minister now in office in Canada”

Fuentes, who claims to have given her life to Jesus Christ at 27 following a stint as a stripper, seems to be overlooking the detail that Trudeau and his Liberal government will not be sworn in until November 4.

“Justin Trudeau is a staunch supporter of many things that former Prime Minister Stephen Harper was not,” the pastor, who goes by the professional title Evangelist Anita Fuentes, claimed. “Harper sought to fear the lord by honouring the nation of Israel”

“And the lord honoured Harper and Canada by keeping the budget in check,” she added. “And keeping them safe overall from terrorist attacks and devastating accidents such as these”

“Since Trudeau has been in office, he has come in with an agenda to overturn everything Harper has done,” Fuentes said.

“One of the things the new Prime Minister has promised to do is to support unlimited abortions up to birth,” she added. “This is the innocent blood the lord has spoken about”

Fuentes claimed that the clue is in the name of the boat that capsized: Leviathan II.

Fuentes offered the biblical passage Isaiah 27:1 as proof: “In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.”

“The lord says, okay Canada, you wanted your new prime minister, a new prime minister that I honoured in that nation,” Fuentes said.

“The lord is showing himself,” Fuentes concluded. “This is the sign of the times.”

The 20-metre boat operated by local tour company Jamie’s Whaling Station was carrying 27 people when it capsized late on Sunday afternoon off the coast of Vancouver Island.

Members of the Ahousaht First Nation, who were the first to respond to the distress flare, managed to rescue 21 survivors of the tragedy.

Justin Trudeau led the Liberal Party of Canada to a comfortable majority at the federal election held on October 19 defeating Stephen Harper after nearly a decade of Conservative rule.

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  1. Realbertan says:

    Truer words have never been spoken, Anita.

    The lord protected us when Mr. Harper ruled over us. The Conservative government was a true kingdom. Canada was heaven on Earth under Mr. Harper.

    Then people listened to the snake (liberal media) and at the apple (election). God has expelled us from eden for electing Justin Trudeau, who is quite literally the spawn of the devil. All he cares about is abortion and homosexual sin.

    I fear for my grandchildren as I watch Trudeau turn the once holy land of Canada under Mr. Harper into a land of sin and vice, because that’s all he understands.

    • r says:

      Not sure if serious. I think Poe’s law might be in play.

      • warren down says:

        I think he is unfortunately. The reason Harparites will always be around is because psychopathy is alive and well in the world….along with religious zealots of course.

      • Terri Spence says:

        You really need to search your soul to find a justification to keep Harper in power. And i think Americans really should mind their business when it comes to Canadian politics. justin Trudeau hasnt been sworn in yet, and Harper was still PM when this boat capsized. This says to me thatGod was on the side of good. Harper was an evil bigotted man full or hatred and intolerance. He had no love for Canada, and it was time we booted his sorry butt to the curb. He needs to slither back to Alberta and find the rock he crawled out from under, and crawl right back under it. A mailroom cleark worth over 5 million dollars, all dirty money he received from big oil and gas to destroy the rest of Canada. Well those days are over, and Harper is nothing but a bad memory. For those who will try to use the bible to push their own sorry agenda, dont do it. The bible is an ancient story book, it is not the word of God as it has been translated over the centurires by multiple men in power, to pass their will to Christians! If you believe that today’s bible is the exact word of God, you are a bigger idiot than even I give you credit for! Long live Justin Trudeau!!!

        • Drew mancell says:

          Heeeeellllll yaaaaaaa no pun intended but just in case I’m sure some people can hide in heaven with Harper and bush as long as they pay $ but in the mean time I’ll stay on a little place I like to call earth

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’re serious you have problems. Take your head out of your ASS !!

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re a religious lunatic that should not be let off the lead.

    • Raven says:

      I fear for your grandchildren being descended from someone who obviously has dead air in his head where there should be brains. How have you managed to reach an age where you have grandchildren with so little intelligence?

    • Anonymous says:

      Crazy religious zealots or you are just plain idiots.

    • Daniel Van Koughnett says:

      Can’t tell if Realbertan is actually insane… or just pretending to be.

      Can’t imagine in this day and age that there’s still people who beleive God kills wale watching tourists from Australia, because Canad voted for a centrist politician.

      Can’t imagine why anyone would want to worship a monster of a God who would do that in any case.

    • Anonymous says:

      I feel bad that you were able to reproduce and add to your cult – which is what religion is – a cult – started by anicent men only to scare and control people, do the research idiot and stop being led down a path by some preacher who’s probably as nuts as you are. Maybe you should move to the US and then you won’t have to worry about the spawn of the Devil, and just how many guns everyone around you is carrying, get out of Canada, we don’t want your kind here.

    • C says:

      Please explain these:

      2006 September 30 De la Concorde overpass collapse, Laval, Quebec
      2008 January 12 2008 Bathurst Boys in Red accident, Bathurst, New Brunswick
      2009 March 12 Cougar Helicopters Flight 91 off of Newfoundland.
      2010 September 21 Hurricane Igor Cape Race, Newfoundland
      2011 May 15 Slave Lake fire, Alberta
      2011 August 20 First Air Flight 6560 near Resolute, Nunavut
      2011 August 21 Goderich Tornado in Goderich, Ontario
      2012 February 26 Burlington derailment in Burlington, Ontario
      2013 June 20–July 12 2013 Alberta floods, centred on Calgary
      2013 July 6 Lac-Mégantic rail disaster in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec
      2014 January 23 L’Isle-Verte nursing home fire in L’Isle-Verte, Quebec
      2014 August 4 Mount Polley mine disaster near Likely, British Columbia

    • Anonymous says:

      You need help

  2. Alex the first says:

    Just look at Realbertan’s comment! I mean OMG! stupid morons like this brainless sheeple are the only reason Harper stayed in power for 10 freaking years. Under Harper we lost everything that made Canada the best country in the world. BTW guess why Canada is safe and prosperous? because nobody cares about your religious BS here! Religion has done nothing but bloodshed, hatred and war to humanity. It is like your filthy toothbrush keep it in your mouth and don’t force it to other people!

  3. Aly says:

    The amount of stupid in this and in the comments is much too much to handle… Just WoWWWWWW…. That is all I can say…. American’s can learn to keep their GOD DAMN noses out of other county’s politics and deal with their own corrupt BS …. Harper, man o man.. DONT get me started…….. That man is the devil….

  4. Canuck in the US says:

    Well first off she has no say in what Canada does, even as a Canadian myself living in the US for 25 years now I have no say in what my own government does. She is obviously somewhat miscued in her facts and not only that she likely does not know the problems that Harper did to Canada. I don’t expect Trudeau to be any better however I don’t honestly think he can do any worse.

  5. Melanie COLES says:

    Romans 13:1 “Every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.” You may not like him ruling our Country, but I put up with Harper for 10 years, if God wanted him in power still he would have won!…

  6. Edward L says:

    You are as crazy as Pat Robertson. If you think Harper was a good person, you really need your friggin head examined….

  7. John Vyse says:

    I think she has it backwards. God was rewarding Canada by saving all the Canadians. It’s the Brits and Australians that God is punishing. And their leaders are conservative, aren’t they?

  8. Jake Moch says:

    Anita Fuentes should take some time to study Biblical theology to realize she hasn’t a clue. Either Justin Trudeau is ordained by God to lead Canada for a time or Romans 13:1 is a lie.

  9. lala says:

    Our budget was never in check plus a large majority of harpers team went to jail for fraud, among many other issues and harper stood by them even knowing they were doing corrupt things.
    Get your facts straight

  10. Bat-Ami says:

    I suggest that Anita Fuentes might want to think twice about presuming to speak for the Holy One; and also see if she can shift her attention away from such malevolent thoughts toward being the Love.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Please do not reproduce. Your ignorance should not be passed on any further.

  12. Bill Dobbs says:

    Ms. Fuentes, and Realbertan are wrong in my opinion, but no proof. That’s all that needs to be said.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’ve lived in tofino and this insults me as a Canadian.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Shameful disrespect for loss of life. Evangelicals can stay out of our lands. There are people mourning. God doesn’t speak through you and you shouldn’t claim Harper was sent by god either. Horrible just horrible and no dignity for life.I call that speaking ill of the loss of life. Evangelicals should apologize.

  15. Fatfreddy says:

    For the evil of Canada (lets not worry who was PM first), God punished Australians and Britons. Sounds like an idea ISIS could adopt

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