Defeated Harper supporters call for independent “Republic of Western Canada”

Supporters of defeated Prime Minister Stephen Harper are calling for an independent “Republic of Western Canada” covering Canada’s western provinces after the Liberal Party swept to power in the general election on Monday.

Harper’s Conservatives, who only managed 99 seats out of 338-seat House of Commons against the Liberals 184 seats, fared relatively better in the western provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, winning 54 of the 100 seats in the region.

A Facebook group called “Republic of Western Canada” set up by Roy Mears of Airdrie, Alberta, has attracted over a 1,000 supporters within 24 hours.

“We would have an end to being run out of the east,” Mears explained the movement’s objectives. “We only share taxes to pay our share of Military postal and RCMP but no equalization payments.”

“No payments to run the government of the east and we only pay off the our share of the national debt,” Mears added. “We have a balanced trade deal they can only sell the good from their production balanced with what they buy from us.We would also control our own immigration and legal system.”

“We need to research and find ways that will propel western canada to be heard. If that means a threat to seperate[sic] like the BQ [Bloc Québécois] so be it,” supporter
Donna McDonald wrote. “We need to find a legal avenue that would give us the right to challenge the way we are governed.”

The movement has attracted attention even outside western Canada.

“I live in Ontario and I am in total despair with how the election went,” Neil Dockree of Brantford, Ontario said. “We are now looking to move west to get away from this liberal double whammy in Ottawa and Toronto.”

The talk of separation is a worrying some western Canadians.

“United we stand divided we fall,” Corey M. O’Brien of Edmonton, Alberta wrote. “Like it or not it was a legal election, the way it has been done for centuries now, if you don’t like, it feel free it emigrate anywhere else in the world. Leave Canada the way it is.”

“This smells of the Quebec referendum from years ago, and I know the opinion of the majority of western Canadians as to how that went, so please stop this whining,” he added. “If you don’t like the results of the election then get more involved in the process next time. Until then it is a majority government for the next 4 years.”

Others are upset about the group’s adoption of a blue colour version of Canada’s flag as their flag.

“Do not turn my Canadian flag to blue and white,” Tanner Beebe of Red Deer, Alberta wrote. “Men and women did not fight and die for this country for its countrymen to complain because they are upset over a change in management. Be thankful for the the chance to be Canadian and stand behind your country no matter who is in management.”

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  1. Darcy says:

    Well Ive always thought for years that we should separate but we should take the Yukon Territories and NWT along with Manitoba and everything else west. Its time all the western money stays in the west and works for us. The east has the most population and always sways the votes their way. Splitting Canada up is long over due. I hope that the people who can make this happen work hard to make it a reality. Definitely all for the western republic of Canada. We have been shit on for too many years and taken advantage of well time for a major change BRING IT ON 🙂

    • Nicole Clark Boisclair says:

      Ontario should separate from Canada. Quebec should separate from Canada. Both should revert to: Upper Canada for Ontario and Lower Canada for Quebec. Ontario and Quebec should protect their own economies and societies, since Federal Canada fails to do so.

    • ill Arndt says:

      You have my vote. Tired of the east telling us what they want and getting it on the backs of our western workers.

    • Fred Leard says:

      I support this concept wholeheartedly. A country consisting of the 4 western along with the Yukon and NWT would be a formidable economic force and be free from the freeloading east which takes as much as it can and gives us very little in return other than scorn. Unfortunately, at the moment we have too many separate movements working to achieve the same results. It’s only when we can tie all these separate movements into one united movement that I can see any real progress being made.

    • Anonymous says:

      I live in Ont and we have been getting screwed over by Wynee and the ass before her and now this drama teacher is running the country…other countries are laughing at us….the liberals bought the election 🙁
      If the western republic happens tomorrow i for one will be moving there next week!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      We need to not just separate from the east but also the discussing Queen. We need a Republic and a constitution! We are in this mess that hard to clean up, if its even possible to be clean up. Its extremely hard to repeal laws because of how this Country government is set up, we the people are not in control. How this country government set up was a mess to begin with, Prime Minister (AKA Dictator) has more power then President of the United States, and the Queen has more power then the Prime Minister, where does it leave us??? This is our country not the Queens or the Prime Minister. The country of Canada that we use to know does not exist anymore, it was executed. We the people need to take control!!!!!!!!

  2. BC Girl says:


  3. Clinker says:

    Again, it surprises me on some of the comments that are being posted. For god sake people do your research before you start typing. Individuals commenting on fracking that know nothing about except what Suzuki has written. I have been there and know what fracking does. Most of what you hear is being posted by groups that are totally against anything that involves extraction of fossil fuels. Do your research where the truth is being told.
    As far as the Wests separation. Anyone that can sit back and watch what has been happening in Western Can. for decades now should give there heads a shake. We as AB did not vote in the present Liberal Gov. Decision was made east of Manitoba. With Liberals having a majority gov. we as AB now longer have a democracy. We are living in a dictatorship which we are doing nothing about. PM does not listen to what the west wants, why would he that is not who voted him in. If anyone thinks that in the next upcoming election things are going to change, again give your heads a shake. PM is looking after the people that put him there. We will again have a majority Liberal Gov. Like it or not. Does this not constitute serious thought about Western Can. to separate from the rest of Can.If you disagree and think this is part of our democratic election procedure than obviously you have your head in the wrong place. We are no longer and haven’t been part of the election procedure for years, why would you think any different than that. Loyalty to Can. or what. Why not Loyalty to where you live and work. Because if we don’t care than who does, certainly not Eastern Can. The PM father advocated to destroy AB and had it not been for a our Premier at the time he would have. Remember one thing if nothing else from my comments today about our PM and his father. The apple always falls close to the tree. He will carry on where his father left off people. He is doing one hell of a job at it right now. His agenda and father’s has been to destroy AB, whatever is required. You see, we do not support him. That is why.

  4. Timetogo says:

    I’m not a Harper supporter, or a redneck, nor do I hold Conservative political views. However, I strongly believe that Western Canadians would be infinitely better off if the West was not part of Canada. I have no use for the East and refuse to be dominated by their interests. The marginalization of Western separatists as being a small group of right wing, redneck, sore losers is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of Easterners.

  5. Ditch the post turtle says:

    The problem isn’t even specifically with the Liberals and that moron Trudeau. The problem has been the same problem forever. It’s our electoral system. The fact remains that out west we have zero voting power because our system is not population based in each region. When the majority of the countries population is all in Ontario of course whoever ontario wants to see win is going to win. 184 seats out of 338 is 54%. Out west the conservatives won 54 out of 100 seats, also 54% but our votes out west don’t count for shit. If each regions votes were counted with the same weight it would have been a far different outcome. Turdeau would still be PM, but in a minority gov’t.
    He bought votes and a large number of the Canadian public is clearly to stupid to see that.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Larry Smith says:

    Let me elaborate somewhat on the story.

    The Western Independence Party of Alberta is currently working on a signature drive to claim an official position in the Alberta legislature. People from every location in the province have called to sign or canvass, donations have been offered and meetings are now taking place and in high demand.
    The drive is also being supported by the founding party, Alliance Independence Movement or simply AIM.
    Aim has merged with a federally registered party thereby obtaining official status.

    Currently, AIM is in discussions with several other provincially registered or about to be registered parties with respect to fold everyone into our federal umbrella.
    We have also created the growing movement in BC and MB and are working in total unity with the existing Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan.

    Negotiations are going very well in Quebec with their separatist parties and it is hoped very early in the New Year we will be ready for a press release that may have the potential to shake the foundations of parliament.

    What started a year ago with maybe 150 disgruntled Albertans has ballooned into a movement encompassing much of Canada. An estimate would state that our message now delivers out to perhaps as many as 60,000, with the ROWC, our official social media news page being the largest at 22,000.

    Larry Smith
    AIM founding member

  10. eddy ball says:

    When your government is turning your country into something you and many others strongly disagree with this is the right thing to do… I refuse to stand with a country, my country supporting sick twisted ideology that’s going to end Canada as we know it…If this group can salvage a part of Canada then the fight is warranted and the consequences valid…What choice is he leaving you and me to escape this lunacy when we cant live like this and we don’t deserve to live like this…This government is crystal clear on its policy that they don’t care about you and that they care more at bringing in immigrants and taking care of them before you and me who worked our whole life here… We need a retreat and this is exactly that,we don’t want to leave we have to leave our choices are limited and i am with this plan 100%…

  11. Robert Lefurgey says:

    ROWC (Republic of Western Canada) is now part of about a dozen separatist pages that are all under the same banner…WIPA(Western Independence Party of Alberta) as well as AIM (alliance Independence Movement) is the Federal Group. AIM is also a Federal Party which should be running Separatists in the next Federal Election. While WIPA is forming a political party as well to run provincially. ROWC has over 25,000 members now and collectively we have over 40,000 members. We are growing about 500 to 1,000 members per week. It is probably the largest growing movement in Western Canada right now.

  12. Jonathan says:

    It would be better just to kick Quebec and Ontario out. What a load of crap. It sounds hard, but first create friction with Quebec. Get them to seperate. Then you vote out Ontario. Wham bam get the f out!

  13. Anonymous says:

    From OP…
    **“Men and women did not fight and die for this country for its countrymen to complain because they are upset over a change in management. Be thankful for the the chance to be Canadian and stand behind your country no matter who is in management.”**

    I discussed this with my Mother, her dad fought in WW2. She agreed with me when I said,: Grampa must be rolling in his grave, the country he fought for and many Canadians died for no longer exists”.

    • Gary says:

      Hay Anonymous ask your mommie how she feels about the PM that the east voted in putting her grandkids in debt for the rest of their lives. Ask her how she feels about that PM telling one of the provinces of Canada that they have to much and I’m going to take it away and give it to the people who voted for me here in the east then I am going to do everything in my power to destroy you. Ask her how she feels about that PM opening our border to a religious ideology that refuses to assimilate with our society . Ask her how she feels about that religious ideologies attempt to impose their laws and beliefs on Canada and will not stop till it has accomplished its goal. Ask her how she feels about rape and incest wearing clothing to cover her body at all time so as not to temp wondering eyes. Ask here if her father would have fought to stop these things from occurring in his country. Then ask her why she raised such a chickenshit.

    • Sally says:

      You grandpa and other vets didn’t fight for Canada, they fought for what Canada stood for at the time, Liberty, Rights and Freedom, not for what Canada stand for right now. And yes your grandpa would be rolling around in his grave because those freedom and rights he and others fought and died for are stripped away! I’m sure your grandpa is disgusted by your views. Go educated yourself.
      The separation would reset this land and bring back what to what many Canadian fought and died for! We’re not fed-up with one election, were fed-up with the last 50 years of this garbage from liberals that have been striping this country. Separation all the way! Let the east crash and burn with their liberal policy!

  14. Dale Kowalchuk says:

    How do we as supporters, get involved in this movemnent? We as Canadians, must get our indifferent back sides off the couch and do something! Please post something or let me know somehow. This information needs to get out there and people made aware of what is truely going on.

    • Fred Leard says:

      My feelings exactly. United we can be a formidable force for change, but split into so many separate entities we are just going to continue to run around in circles. WIPA appears to be doing that and I hope we can join in.

  15. Conrad says:

    Trudeau and his party have no idea what they are doing. we as Canadians can ill afford to have this government in power for 2 1/2 more years.
    Trudeau’s agenda is based only on talking points. uh uh uh uh uh and it seems like the only time that he opens his mouth is to change feet.
    He is not being held accountable for all his lies to the Canadian people.
    What Trudeau forgets is that he works for us and can be and should fired.
    HOW? every constituency with liberal members need to organize and petition their MP to either resign or cross the floor. It makes sense after all not all the members are ignorant and in agreement with the our country is being systematically destroyed by Justin the globalist with ties to George Soros and other global elites who seek to destroy democracy.
    Lets stand up and be counted and petition the Liberal members to do what is right for the economy and public safety in this country

  16. Bryan kinsey says:

    You need to let us know how to become a member and what we can do to help

  17. Reinald says:

    Hello you people of roc i do understand youre point i’m a easter boy i we didn,t vote here liberals that much in québec , ontario did i personnaly vote for harper here was most npd,we really don’t like the son trudeau.

  18. Shirley says:

    I agree with Conrad that we don’t want another 2½ years of this kind of management of our country. I don’t understand why we can’t fire him when he is not doing what he promised and is spending money for things that aren’t necessary like Bombardier. Even the people in Montreal are upset. Leaving our children and grandchildren on the hook for all these costs. Even if he was fired, he would likely still get his pension from this job. Totally unfair to Canadians!
    I would like more information on how to become involved.

  19. Darryl Gardner says:

    I think if you are going to have any success at this, and before you get my support, you need to develop policies and a framework of what the government would look like. If you don’t have that how will I know if what I”m getting into wouldn’t be worse or just more of the same with different large players. Show me how I’m going to be better off.

  20. Rick Edmonds says:

    Sign me up 25 years in the forces I earned my citizenship now they are giving them away in Cracker Jack boxes. I suffered through Trudeau senior. Our fate is determined by the votes in the east in every election time for a change. My father and grandfather fought for Canada in two world wars they and other vetrerans are rolling over in their graves at what has happened to our country.

  21. Rick Martin says:

    Worst thing to do is follow in Quebecs footprints and have referendum after referendum. When we (Alberta) vote to separate with a majority, that means we separate not if or how much is the east going to bribe us to stay.

  22. Ken Kellington says:

    Separation and formation of a Republic of Western Canada is the only way Western Canadians will ever achieve real freedom. The equalization policy favors Quebec and is to costly for Western Canada to provide the funds (1957 to 2016) while receiving no benefits. There are other costly policies which are non-beneficial to the majority of Western Canadians, such as Official Bilingualism and an appointed senate, which our parliament will not change or abolish.
    Yours Truly,
    Ken Kellington,
    566 Kananaskis Place,
    Devon, Alberta.
    T9G 2C9.

  23. Roy Mears says:

    Just an update on the Republic of Western Canada Facebook page. The membership is still growing and is now edging toward 30,000. People have started to wake up to the fact that we in the west have no vote that counts unless the election is close. The people of the east have foolishly given us a drama teacher for a prime minister. He has sent his way to the point that our great grand kids will be paying the debt off. He has sent billions of dollars outside of the country while doing nothing for the poorest here at home. We have seen this before, his father put us in debt and it took forty years to pay it off. Westerners love being Canadian but there comes a point when we just have to leave or we will not survive. If we remain in Canada we may be the last generations to live free. Trudeau has embarked on a path to remove our freedom of speech and when it goes we are lost.

  24. Esther DeGraw says:

    I’m as frustrated with Trudeau as anyone —- HOWEVER — separation is not the answer for east or west! CANADA IS A HUGE, BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY and Canadian people are the BEST! You will never change my idea of that!

    I WOULD SUGGEST that ALL CANADIANS get off their butts and GO OUT AND VOTE! 27% voting is absolutely outrages! Instead of promoting foolishness GET OUT AND PROMOTE USING OUR RIGHT TO VOTE! Our men and women have died for that RIGHT! And if we carry on like this (which obviously does not work) we will lose that RIGHT!

    • Big Game says:

      Your arguments of some of the worst I have ever heard. For starters Alberta is a land of makers not takers.
      Albertans do not vote for who ever give them the most for free (are not bribed).
      Even if 100% of the west voted it would have changed nothing.
      The men who fought and died was for freedom and that your vote would count for something.
      Currently Alberta is exploited for the benefit of takers to the detriment of Albertans. If you don’t like the truth you can move back to eastern Canada and enjoy being a taker.

    • Big Game says:

      Your arguments are some of the worst I have ever heard. For starters Alberta is a land of makers not takers.
      Albertans do not vote for who ever give them the most for free (are not bribed).
      Even if 100% of the west voted it would have changed nothing.
      The men who fought and died was for freedom and that your vote would count for something.
      Currently Alberta is exploited for the benefit of takers to the detriment of Albertans. If you don’t like the truth you can move back to eastern Canada and enjoy being a taker.

  25. Gerry Emery says:

    “stand behind your country no matter who is in management?” That would be about as asinine as supporting Hitler or Stalin, you fool. I support the Canadian secessionist movement.

  26. Big Game says:

    As an Albertan born and raised. I have no use for Canada anymore! I am an Albertan first. But I would like to succeed with Saskatchewan and Manitoba, we have a lot in common.

  27. Chris storey says:

    I am a retired Albertan and will be happy to support with my time any entity that is western separatist. I just hate the thought of my grand children having to pay the price for an idealist drama teacher and his multicultural ideas.

  28. terry kirk says:

    Well lets get on this its time for all westerners to stand up and say enough is enough. Western Canada can and will do great things on her OWN !!! God bless us all!!!

  29. Michele Clement says:

    Le Canada est actuellement une fédération de provinces i.e. de colonies britanniques sous l’autorité d’un gouvernement central alors que, depuis novembre 1901, chacune de ces provinces-colonies a le droit et le devoir de devenir un État indépendant, de se doter d’une Constitution citoyenne et de recréer avec les autres, une Fédération d’États indépendants qui contrôleraient ladite Fédération et non l’inverse, comme dans la situation actuelle.

    Ce droit était donné à toutes les colonies de l’Empire britannique, à la mort de la Reine Victoria. Toutes les colonies s’en sont prévalu sauf les colonies du Canada.

    Des amendements discrétionnaires font du Canada un pays “DE FACTO” mais pas en droit.

    Il est temps de travailler à la régularisation de la situation constitutionnelle canadienne qui repose sur l’Indépendance des provinces-colonies du Canada.
    Il y a actuellement un momentum privilégié où les citoyens de plusieurs provinces militent en faveur de leur propre indépendance, quelque soient les raisons évoquées.
    Il existe déjà trois partis politiques indépendantistes à caractère représentatif provincial: le BLOC QUÉBÉCOIS au Québec, BC REFED en Colombie britannique, et VOTE CANADA en Alberta pour tous les territoires de l’Ouest canadien.

    Seul le BLOC QUÉBÉCOIS a l’expérience, l’expertise, la présence en Chambre, la maîtrise des deux langues officielles et la notoriété pour assurer le leadership pan canadien d’un parti politique dont la mission serait de:



    Que tous les partis indépendantistes provinciaux se regroupent en un seul parti et qu’ils deviennent un parti national dont la mission serait de: PROCÉDER À LA RÉGULARISATION DE LA SITUATION CONSTITUTIONNELLE CANADIENNE.

    Chaque groupe provincial à l’intérieur du parti national travaillerait à:
    1. la création d’un État indépendant en remplacement de sa province;
    2. la mise en place des conditions de rédaction d’une Constitution citoyenne;
    3. la promulgation d’une Constitution citoyenne pour chacun des États indépendants;
    4. la refondation d’une Fédération d’États indépendants.

    C’est le sens des textes de lois historiques qui avaient été révélés à René Lévesque par Walter Kulh, ancien député de l’Alberta à la Chambre des Communes, au lendemain de la victoire de 1976.
    Monsieur Kulh avait longuement étudié la situation et l’avait exposée en Chambre lors d’une allocution en 1945.

    Tous ces textes, les textes historiques, la lettre de Walter Kulh à René Lévesque et son allocution en Chambre nous sont révélés par une société de Toronto, Nephalem Film, qui prépare un documentaire sur la situation.
    Vous pouvez les télécharger à partir de leur site.

    L’occasion est propice, il ne faut pas la manquer:



    C’est le modèle que le monde attend.
    À nous de le réaliser.

  30. André Girard says:

    It’s a real good idea ; excellente idée ! My new Canadian Federation of five independant and viable countries : 1. Atlantica (NB, NS, PEI, NFL) ; 2. Québec ; 3. Ontario ; 4. Prairie (MN, SK, AB) include NWT with more power to Natives ; 5. British Columbia. One money, one army ; District of Ottawa as capital of that new federation, like Washington DC in USA. So, no more confrontations in Canada.

  31. CT says:

    The first time I heard anything about the west separating I could not believe it. It would be like finally getting rid of those embarrassing and annoying neighbours that bring down the whole community. The possibilities would be endless as the rest of the country could move forward without the east brining us down.
    Trudeau is an embarrassment to this country and any self respecting Canadian knows it. Trudeau and his government have Quebec’s best interests in mind even at the expense of Canada. Anyone who follows politics can see unless you are part of team Trudeau.
    The east is going down and taking the rest of Canada with it. We need to sever financial ties or we will be going down with them.

  32. Rob says:

    I agree with Western separation and it needs to be Manitoba West, we will never have a PM or government that will treat us right. I am ready to commit to helping this movement, I love Canada but we have to make things right for future generations
    We should just be known as Western Canada and no blue flag, leave it red and tweak the design. Everyone spread the word

  33. Ron wood says:

    Great idea..Asa a Manitoban who has also lived in Alberta I think the only way we get ahead is away from the eastern elites..Lets face it they r ok with this corrupt gov cause they get whatever they want.. Mb, sass ab , bc could be economicly great ,,between us we have everything we need ,,great clean hydro elec. farming Livestock. Minerals. Oil. Fishing on west coast,,,,,IMAGINE NOT HAVING TO SEND ALL OUR MONEY TO QUEBEC,, wow

  34. My Regards to You.. I would like to add to my comments: Pm Boozo knew what he was doing when he was Black or Brown Face, at the age you cannot tell me different!!
    I thought it was all over with Quebec when Tames Wolfe Defeated Louis Montcalm on the Plains of Abraham, we the English Won!! but Still Quebec getting more rights than the rest of Canada!!! Quebec will not let us put a Pipeline through that Province, and Not Use other countries Oil..I disagree, we should let Ontario and the other Provinces on the other side of Quebec Join Us!! By the Win on the Plains of Abraham, we must take that Province When Needed needed!!! The PM Boozo by giving YOU People All These Gifts, Wake Up It Is Your Money They Are Gifting You!!!!! It is Your Taxes They Are Giving Back To You!!!! PM Boozo is Worth a Billion, and He Has Lowered the Taxes for Big Business, and You Are Picking Up the Tab!!! PM Boozo Old Man Made Most of All His Money OFF YOU or Your Parents!!! Quebec is Now Becoming a Dictatorship, with the New Laws for Religious and No English State!!! PM BOOZO Would not interfere for this is Where Most Of All His Votes Where Coming From!!!! Same As This Lavain and He Said About Jobs, But What About The Oil Patch JOBS, Still No Pipeline Though, and No Way Though Quebec!! The Amount of Money We Give to Quebec is On Real–!!!! MP Bill Blair, was Sent On a Consensus for BILL –71 Firearms Control, So They Can Get ALL YOUR LEGAL FIREARMS!!! I have Spoken to Many Firearms Stores and People in General and NO ONE I HAVE TALKED TO WAS EVER AND HAD NEVER SPOKEN TO MP BILL BLAIR’ NEVER SEEN ANY LISTS OF PEOPLE, HIS TRAVEL ACCOUNT TO THE PLACES HE MAY OF TRAVELED!!!!!What Has Been Done With Regards to Opioids, Fentanyl, Gangs on the West Coast ONLY IN ONTARIO!!! NOTHING TO STOP the OPIOIDS, FENTAYL, Witch is ABOUT PLUS 30,000 Died Since the Problem Came to BE!!! MORETHAN ANY FIREARMS HAS DONE, BUT NO ONE SAY ANY THING!!!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!WHAT HAS PM BOOZO DONE for OUR Soldiers, We Lost 158 Dead in Afghanistan, for What!!! The British When Into Afghanistan in the 1700s to Protect it From the Russians, So To Keep The Jewel was India and Lost each Time To the Afghanistan!!! PM BOOZOO and FAMILY SURE LOOKED GOOD IN INDIA, Dressed as INDIANS!!!! Also Going to that Rich Man Island With HIs Family, was against the Rules of Office, Telling His Sol.Gen. of Federal Government to Change the Rules of LAVALIN..Yeah Sure He is For The LAW!!!PM BOOZO WAS AND IS JUST AS ERRANT AS HIS FATHER WAS!!!!!!

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