Why a win for Stephen Harper will mean more kids with cancer and privatized healthcare

Stephen Harper has hired a man who makes millions of dollars a year selling cancer to kids and dismantling universal healthcare to run his campaign. If Harper wins the election with Lynton Crosby’s help, we can expect Canada’s Conservative government to relax tobacco regulations even further while intensifying the attack against universal health care.

How do we know this?

Because this is precisely what the Australian is doing in the United Kingdom with British Prime Minister David Cameron. After using downright dirty tactics to propel Cameron to power, the ‘Lizard of Oz’ is wielding his influence to lobby Westminster against introducing legislation mandating plain packaging for cigarettes.

All research points to plain packaging for cigarettes helping save lives by making smoking less appealing, especially to children. Lynton Crosby apparently has no qualms about a few kids coming down with lung cancer if it means that he gets his cool millions from his client: Philip Morris International, the makers of the Marlboro brand of cigarettes.

That is not to say that giving cancer to kids does not weigh heavily on Cameron’s conscience. But he has no choice in the matter. Once you get into bed with the likes of Crosby, there’s no going back. If you cross Crosby by saying no to the evil genius’s corporate clients’ outrageous demands, he will just tell the public about all devious tactics you used to come to power. I won’t blame Cameron for not relishing the prospect of being chased by an angry mob with pitchforks.

One does not simply sign a contract with Crosby|Textor. It’s a Faustian bargain. And after propelling his clients to victory, the merchant of cancer will come for his pound of flesh.

One would think that even a man like Crosby would stop at giving cancer to children. But no, Crosby|Textor’s client list include private healthcare companies who see publicly funded universal healthcare as barrier to big profits. How lucky it is, then, for Crosby to have an obliging man in No. 10 who’s only too happy to do his spinmaster’s bidding?

Crosby drew up a cunning plan to help his private healthcare clients, concluding “achieving decision-maker recognition that health investment in the UK can only grow by expanding the role and contribution made by the private sector.”

Stephen Harper has now done a deal with the devil to remain in power. Lynton Crosby’s fingerprints are all over Conservatives’ new strategy on refugees. John Howard won the 2001 Australian federal election after his campaign, lead by Crosby, falsely alleged that refugees were throwing children overboard to seek asylum in Australia.

The Canadian Conservatives, facing harsh criticism for not doing enough to help Syrian refugees after photos of drowned Alan Kurdi drove the whole world to tears, are trying to frame a new narrative. A narrative where the toddler’s aunt Tima in Vancouver is blamed for not filling out the application correctly and the toddler’s father is a human smuggler. A narrative where all Syrian refugees are ISIS fighters in disguise.

If enough Canadians buy into politics of fear, Harper will win the elections on October 19, and Canada’s Prime Minister will be forever beholden to the strategist who helped him win. Tobacco industry will send a message to Lynton Crosby, a message that will be readily conveyed to the Prime Minister’s Office. One can expect little resistance to the tobacco industry demands from Harper, who has been steadily gutting tobacco control.

The private healthcare industry will soon follow. In this case, Crosby’s will not have to do much to convince Stephen Harper, who has slashed federal spending on healthcare, which public health experts deem to be a recipe for privatization.

Lynton Crosby’s brand of divisive fear-driven politics has worked well for the conservatives in Australia, New Zealand and Britain. Unless the Canadian electorate wisens up, Canada will also fall prey to the Lizard of Oz’s black magic.

[Photo Credit: Warwickshire County Council, licensed under the Open Government Licence]

29 Responses to Why a win for Stephen Harper will mean more kids with cancer and privatized healthcare

  1. Jim from Calgary says:

    I have been a lifelong PC supporter, but after reading this, I think I will have to change my vote. I have lost family to cigarette smoking and I don’t want a Prime Minister controlled by tobacco interests.

    • SFsd says:

      Me too. We have enough cancer as it is without Stephen Harper becoming a leading cause of it.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you a buying this bullshit you were never smart enough to be a Conservative . If you were you would be worried about people voting liberal or ndp who through their policies will be encouraging canadians to smoke more Pot thus more cancer , this article is leftwing lies, the government will not be loosening cigarette restrictions because they are getting election advise from this guy , the proposition is ridiculous , wake up

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a naive fool if you believe this propaganda! Kids are more informed on health risks of smoking than most adults are. fact is if people are going to chose to smoke kids included, the way they are packaged will have no influence on the decision.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your pretty fkn stupid to believe this Crap. The lizard of Oz was PM Paul Keating for starters. The kid smoking the fags must of surely made you think! Or maybe not! Your not a conservative Sport, Conservatives don’t fall for this outright Bullsht. The maggots printing this rubbish are solely financed by George Soros. With what’s left of your brain, look him up!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please don’t believe this stupid article.

  2. bertie says:

    Well you two certainly wont be missed.We know your just trolls so piss off and take your propaganda with you.

  3. bertie says:

    Well you two wont be missed so piss off.And take your propaganda with you.

  4. Barbara Mitchell says:

    Hey ThinkPol, why are you using a pic from England? LOL

  5. merwin says:

    Wow ThinkPOl is dumb, talk about fear mongering !!! Look in England they don’t have plan packaging on cig’s….and that has what do to here in Canada ????
    Wow the left wing B.S. is thick & deep !!!

  6. LP Sullivan says:

    The fact this isn’t an Onion post is surprising. As comedy/satire, it hits the mark. As something to be taken seriously, it fails not only on ludicrous content but amateurish writing as well. And the pic of two UK schoolboys is horribly out of place.

    Honestly, if this is the best you could come up with to attack Harper, you may have just delivered him some votes.

  7. Cindi says:

    If this isn’t satire it should be. It’s one of the most disgusting articles I’ve read, and there are a few. This is typical of a left wing attack piece based on nothing but innuendo and false claims. If anyone buys into this diatribe I can sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. Yellow journalism at it’s best.

  8. D Struth says:

    Make the lie big, keep telling it, and eventually people will believe it – (paraphrase of Adolf Hitler)
    Nice to see the left is once again following these words of advice from their poster child! I have seen less garbage at the town landfill! If you believe this invented story, you should buy my Brooklyn Bridge shares, I have a million and they are going for $10 each, real cheap… LOL! Morons!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Utter nonsense! If you want to be taken seriously then you should report facts, and only facts. This is a stinking mess of fiction. You don’t get to make up your own facts either. How low can one go? Pretty low on the left from what I’m seeing.

  10. M Grier says:

    I think this article exposes Lynton Crosby for the real harm he can do to the conservative party and ultimately to Canada. We do not need someone of his ilk to be involved in our election campaigns. Stephen Harper must be running scared if he hires someone like Crosby. I am surprised that Harper will actually take direction from someone like him. Harper is the ultimate control freak. How can this partnership work? Harper purports to love Canada yet he hires a campaign manager from out of country who has his own agenda which does not include what is best for this country. What is the ultimate cost in hiring this man – what favours must Harper provide – how many times must Harper look the other way while Crosby serves his own agenda – what forces are behind this decision to hire this man?

  11. Peter Burke says:

    Reading the stupid comments posted here by the lefty’s i realize that they have been brain washed by the education system and the MSM. I do not know what we could possibly do change this, if anything.

  12. Dave Stocker says:

    This is provincial jurisdiction anyways, not federal. All the packaging, distribution, display and sales are governed by the individual provinces. Also, the biggest decrease to the healthcare transfers was initiated by the then sitting Liberal government. Spending by the Conservatives has been increasing, maybe not as much as the provinces want, but still going up.

  13. Nadine Lumley says:

    Chemtrails are the real problem

  14. Richard Smiley says:

    Don’t feed the trolls.

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