RCMP planning mass arrest of indigenous activists under Bill C-51, supporters warn

The RCMP are preparing to carry out a mass arrest operation against the indigenous Unist’ot’en Clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation in northwestern BC under Harper government’s Bill C-51 labelling as terrorists First Nations activists exercising their Aboriginal Title and Rights to protect their lands from oil and gas development, according to a joint statement by the groups supporters.

The Conservatives’ controversial anti-terror act criminalizes protests that may be seen as interfering with ‘the economic or financial stability of Canada’ and opponents of the bill had long feared that it would be used to stifle opposition to oil pipelines aggressively promoted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The RCMP have made a number of visits to the Unist’ot’en as well as other First Nations leadership regarding the Unist’ot’en camp, located on the shores of the Wedzin Kwah and mouth of the Gosnell Creek, tributaries to the Skeena, Bulkley, and Babine Rivers.

The activists have been protesting against the proposed Enbridge Pipeline and Pacific Trails Pipeline (Chevron), which are planned to cross the river at the exact points of our Pithouse, and Permaculture Garden that was built on the Unist´ot´en Territory of Talbits Kwah.

Today over fifty individuals and organizations have issued a letter to the provincial government, federal government and RCMP to express support for the Unist’ot’en Camp.

“The courageous stand taken by the Unist’ot’en and their supporters must not be criminalized by the RCMP nor targeted by government,” states Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians. “Through the draconian Bill C51, the federal government is attempting to brand people defending the land and water as ‘security threats.’ The Unist’ot’en are heroes, while the real threat is this government destroying the planet and economy.”

Signatories to this letter include the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, First Nations Summit, BC Assembly of First Nations, Greenpeace Canada, Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 718, Idle No More, Council of Canadians, Earthkeepers: Christians for Climate Justice, Defenders of the Land, David Suzuki, Unifor’s Western Director Joie Warnock, Elizabeth May, Naomi Klein.

“Why is the Senior Command of the RCMP so hell bent on deliberately provoking a conflict between themselves and the Indigenous Peoples of British Columbia?” Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs asked. “Are they taking these instructions from Premier Christy Clark or Prime Minister Harper?”

Since 2009, the Unist’ot’en have maintained a camp by Wedzin Kwah (Morice River) that is blocking seven pipelines that do not have Unist’ot’en consent to use their land.

On August 15th, 2015, in accordance with Wet’suwet’en laws, the Unist’ot’en Declaration was unanimously signed by five Unist’ot’en chiefs and affirms the continuous governance of the Unist’ot’en.

The letter notes, “We denounce any attempt by the federal government, provincial government or RCMP to interfere in the rights of the Unist’ot’en to occupy, manage or maintain their lands…We expect any and all actions taken by the federal and provincial government, industry and policing agencies to be consistent with the Unist’ot’en Declaration and the jurisdiction of the Unist’ot’en Clan.

368 Responses to RCMP planning mass arrest of indigenous activists under Bill C-51, supporters warn

  1. KillBillC51 says:

    Did anyone really believe that Bill C-51 was about fighting Jihadi terrorists?

    • Anonymous says:

      No it wasn’t it was to suppress the native people

      • Almost anonymous says:

        I am sure the natives will bear the brunt since I believe all the Jihadists left for Mexico last year when The Harp demanded their submission to C-51 and his own private god. Natives have much more support than The Harp ever had or will have…could be a time to either stick your neck out or keep yer head down…as you wish.

        • Anonymous says:

          Mexico has rather strict entry requirments. i think that no Jihadist are there.

          • anonamouse says:

            Mexico has the most corrupt police around and i bet money talkson entry

          • AcaJoe says:

            Hah, Women are to strong for islamic terrorist to deal with in Mexico. The men would be down with multiple wives, but no cerveza o copita de tequila – no mames wey!

        • smarterthanyou says:

          They wont dare go into Mexico. Either the armed cicvilians will kill them or the police…but cartels wont stand to see them there either. Cartels try to keep it cool with USA government for the reason that they work together.

          • Anonymous says:

            Cartels most definitely work with muslim terrorists, $$$$

          • AcaJoe says:

            Things are far from cool with the cartels,to insinuate otherwise show the true lack of facts you have about Mexico. Cartels are not Robin Hood, they are more like ISIS,they have taken over a country as well. They rule communities with impunity and terror. Cartels are terrorists, though they have no code of morals or ethics to twist, so it is truly a No Man’s Land. If the parents have the $$ to send their kids away, then they do.

        • If FN gets raided, I believe FN all across Canada will shut down most of the industries, and support from union organizations, and the public will come. Harper will be in a mite of trouble. The law says FN’s own the lands they claim. There can be no encroachment, intrusion or infringement on aboriginal traditional territory if there is no consent from the First Nations.

        • mia says:

          You don’t actually think there were Jihadists?

        • anonymous says:

          Search Bob Rae and a website unchartered.ca and the secret life of Bob Rae shows up and it would appear Bob Rae as premier had close ties to union leaders and some had suspicious links to mobsters.

          Is a way being paved for mobster companies to get contracts for that project in ontario. One would ask such an obvious question when they see whats occurrin.g

      • Anonymous says:

        It was to suppress all Canadians!!

        • Anonymous says:

          No just the ones being funded with foreign money. Russia, Saudi, Tom Steyer, Rockefeller Fiundation, Tides Foundation, Sierra Club, foreign oil interests and other members of “Big Green”. They Ate pretty sophisticated a rent a mob tactics. The band may have points, but the funding of their activities by foreign interests is illegal.

          • M. Poole says:

            It is now isn’t it Anonymous….. if that really is your name.

          • Doris says:

            If I made stupid ass assumptions like you just made, I’d call myself Anonymous too! Holy shit, Natives are mobsters now, being funded by foreign Countries!? LMFAO! Wow, what cheap drugs are you on? Yah, you might want to delete your comment.

        • Anonymous says:

          exactly it is no longer against one people but against all of us. they are poking the stick at one of the cultures to stir the pot and show their power spot so others will back down against harper.

        • Anonymous says:


        • Anonymous says:

          Sadly, Canada treats their people with same contempt as they do here in America nowadays.

      • Sweetpixels says:

        It was to suppress all peoples not of a certain ‘class, it has taken away all of our rights as citizens of Canada. It gives the authorities total autonomy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Indians Just think they can do what ever they want!! Disgusting!!

        • Anonymous says:

          The ignorance of people who have no clue and no respect for the race who is standing up for all canadians and probably a supporter of Harper. The one person who is really messing up canada from the sellout of the softwood industry to stealing taxpayers money to this day to just mention a fraction of the wrong doings of harper government and stupidity of his supporters are the ones who have damaged this country. Haŕper is a canadian sellout to the states!!

        • Anonymous says:

          You are a racist asshole

          • Anonymous says:

            The difference between Native people and non Native people is the fact that Natives will fight and stand up for what they believe, Non Natives bitch among themselves and do nothing.

        • Anonymous says:

          your disgusting

          • Tim says:

            Anonymous is an obvious illiterate ignoramus. It’s deficatory orifices like this that have diminished Canada’s reputation worldwide.

          • BC FN says:

            Your an idiot with absolutely nothing intelligent to add to this topic. Natives and the First Nations are standing up for more than just themselves with regards to this situation.

          • Anonymous says:

            Your joking right! Non natives work and keep this country alive where natives just leach and bitch when there no more money for the welfare system

        • Anonymous says:

          Yet get everything for free

          • Lorne says:

            You don’t know what you are talking about. Do some research and shut up till you know the truth about that “free” crap.

          • Anonymous says:

            Clueless and uneducated you are.

          • Anonymous says:

            You have no clue, AKL the money in Canada in circulation is INDIAN MONIES, the monies come out if the Indian trust that was set up for them for the monies from the resources off of their territories.

            In actuality it is the CANADIANS that bitch about tax monies to Indians who are actually the LEECHS!

        • Sharon Saasin says:

          WOW!!!!! you are still living in the dark ages, open your eyes!!!
          ignorance really does come in all forms!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          They trying to protect the lake

        • Anonymous says:

          Why can’t they do what they want they were here first

        • deisol says:

          yr disgusting anonymous chicken shit yellow belly pink pig you no shit lost fool white man with no land poor you and yr family history sucksss shit

        • Anonymous says:

          You sir are a complete idiot and a waste of skin. Hiding behind a name used by a group that don’t share your ideas .

        • Doris says:

          As in protecting what’s left of their own land? Or, the environment? Your a f’n moron! Educate yourself stupid before making your ignorant comments. Someone ought to smack you down, so you can wake the hell up.

        • Anonymous says:

          Why do natives hate snow??? Give up? Its because its white and on their land!

        • wowee says:

          What have you got against people from India and what do they have to do with this struggle?

        • AcaJoe says:

          They are protecting their land, so ya, they can do what they want on their land. They have more legal rights to manage their land than YOU do if you want to add another bathroom to deal with your load of bull%#@!

      • Susan Plamondon says:

        Bill C51 is not going to effect just the Natives!
        Bill C51 is going to effect all Canadians!
        Bill C 51 takes away the rights of all Canadians.

        • Donald W Howard says:

          Correct Susan, it will affect all Canadians including as Canadians, Indians who so often are loath to call themselves that. It will not take away anyone’s rights except those whether they be Canadian or otherwise who would cause harm to Canadians. Namely, terrorists and others bent on committing criminal acts that cause harm and disruption to Canadians.

          • Thomas says:

            or if you object and protest evil done by the government you are now branded under Bill C 51 .. it is simply a way to give corporations more power and to shut out and shut up opposition

          • rezneck says:

            What about a rogue government that does as it pleases all in the name of fighting terror
            The deregulation of over two million lakes to make them a resource
            Who is the real terrorist

        • Anonymous says:

          Yup your right

        • Anonymous says:

          Right on Susan Thank you

        • Jerry Savoie says:

          This is so wrong. Large corporation dictate what they want & we’re just suppose to lie down & take it??? No more!!

      • Anonymous says:

        In addition, according to the Supreme Law of the Land, Turtle Island, nee Canada Inc., any and all that threatens Native Peoples Directly and/or indirectly, even in the slightest as portrayed by the Supreme Court of Canada can and will be ignored, namely because the Crown of Canada maintains that there are no derogatory laws on record that refers to Native Peoples directly or indirectly, then that being true then Bill C-51 can be legally ignored and is ineffective, unenforceable by any means created by anyone or entity. It’s Harper intent to single out Native Peoples just when forces from a foreign land are being delivered to the media for people of Canada to sacrifice Native Peoples for the sake of imaginary safety that the Crown of Canada is suppose to guarantee. So, according to Crown of Canada further attacks the Indigenous Peoples with Bill C-51 inline with the creation of and enacting in the 1800’s with the bringing in of the Indian Act. Only after Harper single-handedly Legalises “GENOCIDE” that Harper now commits further acts of Genocide as defined by the United Nations. It is times like this that keep repeating itself in the interest of starting , yet again, another war, but where? Here in Canada Inc.? Directed completely at The Real People of North America indigenous to this Land, Turtle Island, assigned to the Native Peoples by no other than The Creator, Himself, God for our benefit and pleasure forever and ever.

        • Six Nations Haudenosaunee, Hereditary Chiefs, and Clan Mothers says:

          The Supreme Law of the Land is the Constitution Act of Canada as amended in 1982 to include the Constitution Act of 1982 that our Treaties are Supreme. We are all Treaty People.

          • Florida Pearl says:

            Big Oil Companies are buying politicians to pursue their quest for oil. They have already ruined the Province of Alberta’s pristine landscape. Boycott Chevron & Big Oil. Defend the legitimate land owners. Stand up for the oppressed.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think we should load BIG tanker trucks with this supposedly dirty oil and go spray all them fkrs down. Maybe then they will realize that oil and gas is actually Canada’s lifeline. And hey, let’s scrap 51, so we can become a third world country with terrorsist doing whatever they want.

          • Anonymous says:

            The only terrorist Canada need to be afraid of are those in 3 piece suits who believe they are hollier than thou.

      • Anonymous says:

        And the rest of us

      • Anonymousunderharper says:

        It was put in place to suppress free speech period.

        • Wolf VC says:

          We should not think of it as native land the land belongs to all of us and all of us to protect it it’s not going to be around forever so we should all join together and protect what we all need which is the land protect it for all of us and for their futures don’t let him ruin it for everyone

      • expose says:

        terrorism also includes organized crime as an organized crime family fits the bill of a terrorist organization and engages in violent acts and kills hundreds of people daily by drugs etc. so why is so much emphasis and time wasted on protesters who protest peacefully when the organized crime families in southern ontario along with biker gangs and other need alot of attention and time from RCMP to nail? the rcmp should not be dealing with matters of peaceful protesters it should be the oil companies paying for their own private security to deal with the situation and in the civil courts to amicably resolve the complaints of the protesters. So a terrorist bill that is designed to go after the protesters is a fraudulent bill and not keeping with the mandate of the rcmp and csis to protect the canadian public from the terrorist including the organized crime terrorist!!

      • Anonymous says:

        how long you been working for the cia ,fucking shill

    • Salal says:

      As was just mentioned by a caller to CFAX 1070 radio in Victoria: Harper guaranteed China an uninterrupted supply of oil. Harper will stop at nothing to fulfill that contractual obligation. Yes, C51 is a bill for domestic use. We live in adversarial times. Given how government has ignored the taxpayers, can civil unrest be on the horizon?

      • Cindi says:

        Salal, given how the government is treating a wide band of its citizens, I would certainly hope that civil unrest is not far off!

        • Anonymous says:

          Agreed….. 100%.

        • Cecil Johnson says:

          I think it’s immenent n sadly people will get hurt I only wish harper were on the front line it wouldn’t bother me in the least to see him hurt or worse

        • Antoinette Halberstadt says:

          I hope NOT “soon”. My spidey sense tells me Harper would love to provoke serious conflict right now, with an election coming. The picture of a big standoff, no doubt with his agent provocateurs getting violent while pretending they’re Unist’ot’en supporters, and the police then swooping in to the “rescue”, would scare and rally a bunch of conservative types into voting for the HarperCons.

          • Anonymous says:


          • Anonymous says:

            Who cares these so called natives are lazy they don’t earn anything they get, they shouldn’t be given land they shouldn’t be paid to go to school, they need to pay taxes and get jobs if they really want to make a difference. If they want to be heard by our government then they need to accept they are Canadians not some splinter nation of dirt worshipers

          • Anonymous says:

            Anonymous doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground!I will take Out that piece of Shit illegal immigrant harper and Free my people! I’m not afraid of his illegal white Ass! And Yes anonymous that is a Direct Threat!

      • Anonymous says:


    • Randy says:

      NOT FOR ONE SECOND… I was just waiting til something like this happened

    • Anonymous says:

      My answer would be no it wasn’t , after knowing the plans of Harper .

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      All I can say is why is Hsrper brining in a bunc of immigrants? Answer for votes because the whites, Indians and Metis don’t like what they are doing to their own born and bred Csnadian citizens!!!

    • Just me says:

      Maybe stop acting like savages and the general public wouldn’t label you as terrorist.

      • none says:

        You are completely ignorant. Since when is protesting and protecting the land a savage act? Since when did destroying the land and shitting on yet another treaty considered the right thing to do? Gtfoh

      • linda says:

        you are the ignorant one , i would say u are the Savage here .u are no more than a child in big boy clothes.Are u getting paid by Harper to give ignorant comments , if not get out of Canada cause u don’t belong here with comments like that i’d be watching my back Karm is a hand full, u may need those <Savages when the uprising starts .

      • Honest Loyal Canadian says:

        Our dollar is fading in value. MUST sell more oil at the lower prices to maintain our dollar and support our Canadian way of living. Pipeline MUST go ahead, unless we want to become a 3rd world country!

        • Anonymous says:

          Agreed. I love how all these idiots are talking about marching against oil while using a computer siting in a dwelling heat and powered all by oil and or oil byproducts.

        • Zoe says:

          Or as oil becomes more scarce, the value increases, and profits are invested in new renewable technology and less harmful resources, so as the demand for that new tech continues to increase, Canada remains profitable and is on the forefront of a rapidly growing industry..

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Your the terrorist living free on Indian land

    • Anonymous says:

      Not me…..I protested in a march against it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Boycott Chevron

      Look at what they are doing in the Amazons

      Write it everywhere!
      Write it every day!
      Tell everyone!

    • John says:

      Nope. Saw this coming, and find that too many Canadians just don’t get it or don’t care. Very sad society we Canadians have made us.

    • Anonymous says:


      • anonymous says:

        Perhaps the reports on social media stopped them from getting involved? That shows the power of social media to enforce change so speak your mind and be one step in advance of enforcing your rights. Also take advantage of it to form links to other matters that need attention. Its called the circle of life and its truly a circle as corruption/money seems to be the key to keeping that cirle intact!

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn’t this getting a little off message, AVP? I’m sorry to see your energies get sidetracked, worthy as this cause (or dozens of others) may be.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is all about suppressing natives rights once again!!! You want what you can’t have…..go back to wherever you came from!!!

    • Burns says:

      Beyond pathetic and everyone knew this would be used against us and not the “terrorists”.

      10 years ago when the liberals were caught stealing/ blowing billions I voted for Harper. Even with what the liberals were doing was nothing compared to what Harper has done.

    • fortherightreasons says:

      Where is Bob Rae former premier of Ontario to protect the rights of the indians . He is up in northern ontario with the Indians and the Ring of Fire project that involves the mining of a mineral that will bring in multi millions of dollars both in the mining and infrastrucure of roads and airports and commercial as the mineral is mined. A fort McMurray in Ontario.

      Is he anywhere to be seen where there are peaceful protests or blockades. I think these Indians tribes need some good political backing. Or is it that Bob Rae is only where the money is and not for the real interests of all Canadian Indians?

      I cant wait until the Ring of Fire starts up as we see those construction industry people with ties to the maffia getting their dirty fingers into that multi million dollar projects.

      Maybe the RCMP can be investigating those links instead of getting involved in civil matters because those links are big and very complexing to follow so require lots of manpower.

    • anonymous says:

      Where is the former premier of Ontario Bob Rae with respect to helping other Canadian Indians in any disputes they have? He is up in northern ontario helping the Indians with the Ring of Fire Project which is a mineral that will be mined and will bring in multi millions of dollars both in mining and the infrastructure to be built there. Is Bob Rae only there because of the money involved?

      I cant wait until all those construction companies with ties to mobsters start getting their dirty hands in this project.

      Search Bob Rae and a website unchartered.ca appears with some interesting stuff about the former premier and his close ties to union leaders especially some that have some fishy links to mobsters. I wonder who will get those contracts in Northern Ontario when it finally gets started?

      The rcmp should spend all their manpower in finding the links of mobsters into the construction industry.

    • Tom says:

      “The RCMP are preparing to carry out a mass arrest operation… according to a joint statement by the groups supporters.”

      So, the activists supporters say the police are planning to do this. Not those actually taking a stand even. There is also nothing at all mentioned that could be interpreted as evidence, just 3rd party hearsay.

      I’d be outraged if the police actually did do this, of course. But this sounds completely baseless (and I hope it is).

  2. Jeremy says:

    Elizabeth May, as always, is taking a strong stance for our freedoms and our environment.

    Where’s Trudeau? Where’s Mulcair??

  3. Realbertan says:

    The native savages want to hold back progress of our civilization and take us back to their barbaric ways.

    As a big C Conservative, I’m really happy that my leader Stephen Harper introduced Bill C-51 empowering the civilized people of Canada to round up the drunk natives and throw them in jail.

    Handouts to these “First Nations” groups have been a major drain on the Canadian economy. As a taxpayer, it sickens me to know that my hard earned tax dollars are used to fund their alcoholism. It’s time to stop that too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you on drugs or something??.and you still think barbarically, your words are that of angry resentful racist pig, go back to your ugly hole and worry about the govt taking your hard earned money just as he does to me. I wouldn’t even let a dog live with you , damm animal

      • KillBillC51 says:

        “As a big C Conservative, I’m really happy that my leader Stephen Harper introduced Bill C-51 empowering the civilized people of Canada to round up the drunk natives and throw them in jail.”

        Sadly, this is exactly how the vast majority of big C Conservatives think. Harper is attacking the indigenous people because that’s what the base wants.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are a big “C” alright but it’s not conservative

        • Northstar says:

          Realbertan, not all natives are drunks and lives like animals. I know some white people (s) they live worst than natives. Obviously you don’t know about Native Law and people like you can criticize all you want…consequences of your words! Our Native Law says to love each others. Shame on you!!

        • Anonymous says:

          I find this hilarious because I watched a News report from TD, I believe? First Nation businesses have brought in 13 billion $$ and is gonna double in the next year, learn your shit instead of hiding behind a computer screen, anonymously!

          • Anonymous says:

            I hope First Nations can heal from all the systematic damage that has targeted them over the years. I think if they can do that they have the chance to take back a lot of their power through education of their population. They will be the real wisdom on land stewardship that guides this country in the coming years

        • Anonymous says:

          Dear Mr Big C Conservative,Aboriginal People means original people. They tamed, farmed and thrived on this continent long before European S did. It is we that have screwd this place We call home! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

      • Will Nahdee says:

        That A’Hole above you who made that comment should be sent back to where his ancestors originated from, This was Our Land The Natives. they came here & stole from us’ brought that stinking Alcohol & Drugs here and there’s a Hell of alot of White people who are Drunks & Druggies. So shut the F’ck Up Realbertan or is it Roberta.Conservatives are Destroying this land by Digging up’ No wonder why theres Sink Holes happening now Idiot.

      • Look where they live! says:

        So when you drive through reservation after reservation, and all look worse than the local dump you want me to belive that them bush pigs want to save the environment??? Leave the world alone and clean your dam yard, there all slobs taught by there generations before them

        • Geri says:

          Firstly, reservations are what FN communities are referred to in the USA. In Canada, where we live, they are referred to as reserves. But then again, that imaginary line was not drawn by Indigenous peoples was it?

          As far as calling residents of those reserves bush pigs, cleaning their yards may not be the priority. I’d say family is…

          I could be rude here and correct all your grammar and spelling errors, but I won’t. I will leave you to your ignorance!

          • Anonymous says:

            Odd, I sort of want my family to grow up in a nice clean environment sans the garbage and dead animals laying in the road?
            Reality is such an inconvenient thing isn’t it?
            Drinking beer and spending government money is obviously the priority. But, the fact that all your children are being abused BY YOU and are born addicted to drugs at a rate many times the national average is my fault too isn’t it? I mean – I’m white so your choices MUST be MY responsibility, right?

        • zazzoo says:

          There’s a difference between having a messy backyard and having thousands and thousands of farms converted into money making air polluting factories. You extremist. I’m not native at all, but you guys have my support. We all need to work together to stop this Bill C-51 shit. If it succeeds here, it will everywhere. Let us all take back our land. It shouldn’t matter who’s land it is anymore, because we are here together now so lets work together. Good luck everyone

          • zazzoo says:

            And I’m totally not trying to put anyone’s beliefs down, or downplay any of the horrible history that the Canadian government is involved in, in regards to natives. Because I believe we should know the truth. We should learn from our European ancestors mistakes.

          • Lorrie says:

            well said….zazoo….I know many Natives too, and worked with them…most of them were far better workers than the white ”thrash” as we’re called..

          • Ruth McVeigh says:

            Y’know – I betcha that’s precisely what 1st Nations people said about white folks way back in the beginning. Maybe ‘Anonymous’ should read a little history. Are there two people submitting under the name ‘Anonymous’? I kept on reading comments and am convinced there are two. Either that or one slightly paranoid schizophrenic individual!!

      • Anonymous says:


    • Colin says:

      Would really love you to stand in front of these comments. Not hide behind a screen your racist asshole

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re a moron. Try drinking oil and see how that goes for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are why Harper must be stopped – although even he would be embarrassed by your racist hateful tirade.

    • Turcotte Jean-Pierre says:

      Big C cons want to make fossils of us all. The little despot is a traitor to all Canadians except the truly deluded. He is a racist right wing authoritarian who, due to past actions and policies, merits to be incarcerated for promoting greed and profit over human values.

    • Bear James says:

      I am now officially dumber for reading this, I will never get those few seconds back nor will I ever understand how uneducated racist idiots think they know what they are talking about oh well this person will one day learn how to count to 10

    • Anonymous says:

      Now we need another bill to take care of ignorant racists like yourself.

    • Gitana67 says:

      What is making this country sick is people like Realbertan!you want to talk about barberic ways? why don’t you learn the history of Canada, get educated you ignorent racist! Bill C-51 will be gone soon enough you freak!

    • Anonymous says:

      You make me sick you fuc king conservative troll

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, you sound like a “big C”

    • Anonymous says:

      He does not have a clue..

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry ass of a real human being.

    • m johnstone says:

      said by someone who never had his/her kids taken away to a residential school to be continually abused
      said by someone who cares not about all the FN missing and murdered women
      said by someone who has no respect for history of this country
      and human rights
      said by someone who perpetuates racist attitudes
      said by someone who cannot honour treaties
      said by someone who has no respect for our environment
      said by someone who needs to get an education about First Nations

      • Ruth McVeigh says:

        I’ve read so much hate and anger in these entries. The writer above has spoken truth. Thank you m johnstone. Bill C51 will hurt every last one of us.

    • Dan Cebuliak says:

      Well how racist and bigoted of you. You have no idea what you are condoning. Many of our fathers and grandfathers have fout wars to protect what we now enjoy, or whats left of it. Bill C-51 is the Nazi program on steroids..
      At first they came for the First Nations…… get the picture yet?

      • Anonymous says:

        The real issue is not white vs.native..it’s an unethical and draconian law now being used to first bully native people’s for resource grabs by corrupt corps and politicians..it is morally and ethically WRONG and should be an embarrassment to all Canadians..after all who will be the next victim of this nation style behavior..think about that and stick togeather or all shall suffer in the long run

    • Anonymous says:

      You sound like your “leader”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Natives didn’t make that rule
      Your people did!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a racist idiot. Go back to Europe

    • Anonymous says:

      You just plain ignorant! What a horribly racist thing to say.shame on you!

      • Kim says:

        Thanks for caring…it’s not personal what you are doing. You are trying to message the world as to what is taking place. Kudos.. do what you need to do and do not respond to the responses. You are doing your best to protecting the planet. That’s all. Do not get into the drama …do what you gotta do. Make us aware and make us want a better world. That’s all you gotta do. Make it known and leave it for the rest of the world to respond. Put it out there. Let the world decide. Jesus would. You lose power by fighting. Let it go. Keep doing what you feel is needed. Believe it will happen. Stop stressing people out. Be a leader..quietly.

        • Kim says:

          So where on the planet are you?? You are more than 6 hours away??? Where is this coming from…Africa??

          Be real and stop the drama…you are messing with the Universe. If this is coming from China…you do not deserve to be here. You do not cause conflict with the Native people. We will not tolerate ignorance. We the people will block anything that is going to attack our Spiritual Heritage. We do not communicate with evil spirits.

          • Anonymous says:

            I’m sure some one offers you money you let people lay that pipe line. It’s always about the money.

      • annonamous says:

        Agreed stop being racist. Native people are kind loving gentle hated people.

    • Anonymous says:

      They DO NOT RECEIVE TAX DOLLARS MORON. Read and learn something!

      • Anonymous says:

        Realalbertan is a uneducated, racist moron who blathers on about how he’s entitled. Makes me nauseous.

        • Kim says:

          Warning.. you have no Native sense. Please find t within you to not stress your issues on the planet. God himself would not allow you to do what you THINK you should do. You will suffer. We pray for you. Please get better.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes they do. You need to get educated

    • Silver says:

      Modern Treaties:
      *All land claims in Canada and those in the BC Treaty Process are based on the mistaken premise that Canada owns the land it is situated on
      *Where Indians have not surrendered ownership, legal “Title to ‘Crown land'” does not exist
      *It is a fiction of Canadian Colonial Law
      *It is based on the RACIST assumption that European interests are automatically given priority to Indian interests as Indians are uncivilized.
      *Indians feel obliged to go along with historically false idea that they must make a claim against the state to gain ownership of lands that they have always possessed
      *One reason that the state has been able to impose its racist, anti-historical view is simply cultural arrogance
      *the state still negotiates from a position of strength based on its false claim to morality, justice and authority.
      *Aboriginal Peoples have”The right to exclusive use and occupation of land” is “INALIENABLE” except to the crown. Note: please look up definition of INALIENABLE and see how this is an oxymoron.

      The point I’m making is that an Educated Indian is a feared Indian. Learn the Law, exercise your power, and rise up. You cannot combat ignorance with ignorance. May the creator do for you what you cannot do for yourself my friend <3

      • Anonymous says:

        The one thing we must remember is the natives are killing themselves and each other.

      • Anonymous says:

        Try to take it over after you put the bottle down.

      • A Gitksan says:

        Your factual information deserves complete attention.

        I will add to the facts. Canada is NOT a country, it’s a corporation that is actively traded on the NYSE. The united states of amercica is a corporation. It has TWO constitutions. The original (organic) one and then the corporate constitution.

        Every person, indigenous or non indigenous residing on Great Turtle Island needs to process the totality of these FACTS.

        See: The Art of Stealing Human Rights by Gerry Gamble, given in 1957

        This will be the first thing you read when you open the link below.

        The following extracts are from a speech given by Gerry Gambill at a conference on Human Rights at Tobique Reserve in New Brunswick, in August, 1958. In this speech, he warned native people about how this society goes about taking away the human rights of native people…]”


        There are two categories of ignorance.

        1. Indoctrinated ignorance


        2. Willful ignorance

        Thank you for taking the time to assist the indoctrinated. The willfully ignorant are exceptionally dangerous to all societies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Water will always be more important than oil you racist fuck.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go back to Europe or where your lineage comes from…I am sure someone will build you a canoe to get across the ocean.

    • D Winkler says:

      Wow,hard to open some people’s eyes, hopefully you will revisit this comment after some honest hard research, disrespectful pizza chip.

    • Anonymous says:

      You forgot to use your last name..
      Alberta Redneck!! $$$$$

    • Educate Yourself says:

      You are either a poorly thought-out troll or a fool.

      The money that goes towards First Nations is actually derived from a trust that is not at all a part of public monies. No taxes go to pay for the services that are a guaranteed right as agreed to by the Government and the First Peoples in the treaties and agreements that were established in good faith. Or do you not think that a government should live up to their agreements, and can shed its responsibilities at the drop of a hat?

      You obviously do not stand for “progress”. Your attitudes are regressive and are based around a stereotype that is wrong and outdated.

      Aboriginal people actually contribute billions of dollars to the economy, as stated by TD Bank. There is also the economic advantage that First Peoples bring to Canada because of cultural tourism and the showcasing of our heritage. We don’t need your pennies, we have dollar bills.

      • Anonymous says:

        Where does the money in this trust fund come from? It’s not self regenerating or else someone dropped the ball and all of our tax revenues could be put into a trust and the country would be out of debt in no time. So where does the money come from…used car sales in Ottawa?

        If most of B.C. is unceded territory and therefore not covered by treaty, why is the Federal Gov. paying out to these tribes? Seems counter intuitive to me when most of all First Nations (nice elitist title by the way) don’t even recognize themselves as being Canadian and in fact most would spit at being called so, yet the Feds still look after them year after year. No FN’s I know spit on all the benefits they can get their hands on though.

        Are FN’s really that hard done by these days? Are they prevented from practicing their ‘traditional ways’ apart from warring with one another and the killing and slavery that used to take place. Are FN’s not granted the right to vote for a voice in all levels of politics? Are FN’s segregated from the rest of society? Are FN’s living longer and healthier lives thanks to access to the medical system? Are they not allowed to hunt and fish every day of the year to provide for their families and tribes? Are they not granted certain tax exemptions while living on reserves? Has the past not been recognized and apologized for monetarily and publicly more times than not? Does this country forbid them from interacting with the rest of society? Does it forbid them from getting a public or post secondary education? Are they not allowed to enter into agreements with businesses to allow them to go ahead provided they are granted special dispensation through economic incentives as well as biased hiring promises (mines that are forced to have a disproportionate amount of FN’s workers to the actual percentage of the population)? Have they not benefited from having access to certain ‘European’ inventions (rifles, trucks, electricity, engineered homes with central heating systems, chainsaws, etc…).

        As a Canadian, of long ago European decent (which I no longer even think about unless asked), I’m not the only one who is exasperated when it comes to ‘FN’s want this’ or ‘FN’s want that’. Truth is, it could have been a lot better in the past, but it could have also been a lot worse for FN’s (the Spaniards could have settled Canada and we all know how they treated conquered peoples). We are no longer in the past, we are in the here and now in a society that’s tired of having to appease the ‘victims’ when there are no more ‘victims’. It’s great people care about the environment, but one’s skin colour should have little bearing on the weight of the argument. If blockades go up, it’s in contravention to the law and I’m sure that’s when c-51 will be enforced. Damage property and c-51 will be enforced. Say Colonial law is not your law, think twice before wanting your ‘traditional’ laws settling things! If FN’s care so much, do what the Chilcotin did and are still doing and go to court and get the land claim settled. Don’t rely on the old treaty negotiation system that no longer exists because too many corrupt people were a part of it (FN’s and others alike) and were using it as an opportunity to make a career out of it when their jobs were to come to terms with each other in a timely manner. More wasted tax dollars.

        I’ve tried to keep this as respectful as possible and I saw the previous post that didn’t. Just remember the population bias in BC alone is about 5% FN’s to 95% of other ethnicity who identify as Canadians. The 95% is not going anywhere any time soon, so we’d all better learn to get along before there’s an escalation both sides will live to regret. If you think this is racist, well I’m sorry, but it’s a view many of the 95% have concerning this problem in our country. Many are sick and tired of the ‘you owe us because we’re victims’ mentality when all the opportunities out there are the same if not better for FN’s.

        • Geri says:

          I’d like to take the time to educate you, Anonymous. But I will only respond with a few clarifications. I would suggest that you and all others who are “tired of the First Nation’s idea that they are owed because we’re victims mentality” read the Indian Act. Firstly, medical care…there is a piece of legislation called Jordan’s Principle. It is supposed to ensure a child’s medical problems are taken care of first and then the Federal and Provincial governments worry who’s responsibility that care is. Jordan’s Principle came about because a little boy name Jordan, a First Nation boy, died after 5 years in hospital, because the provincial and federal governments couldn’t agree on who would be responsible for the cost of his care. That little boy was 5 years old and never ever went home. That would not happen to any other kid! Then there is Shannen’s Dream. A 15 year old girl who died in a car accident on her way to school – 300 miles from her home because there were no secondary schools in her northern home! She attended primary to grade 8 in trailers built over contaminated land. There were children in that community that had never been in a real school. So are FN prevented from getting an education? You bet! Are FN prevented from leaving their communities? You bet! Look at Shoal Lake. Do you turn your tap on when you want water? Many FN communities have no running water and have been on boil water advisories for 15 and 20 years! Do you have faith that your Last Will and Testament will be upheld? Read the Indian Act…the wishes of my will can be overturned by the Minister of Indian Affairs.

          I have intentionally replied with respect. It is unfortunate that many will not read this in the context with which it is written. Lastly, Anonymous, that fund you talk about? The money for that fund comes from the resources that are on Crown Land…where FN live! And then there is Fiduciary Responsibiity…that is another topic.

          • Anonymous says:

            Treat your own water, build your own schools, don’t blame the world for your own problems. You live a life with the hand held out. The blacks went through 300 years of slavery. Now one runs the U.S. What’s your excuse for having majority of native population being drunks and scum of society ?

        • Anonymous says:

          That was a magnificent statement, well done

        • Anonymous says:

          So well said. Agree with this 100%

    • Anonymous says:

      I have no love for conservatives but this reads like it was planted to make them look worse than they are. This cannot be real.

      • Anonymous says:

        It seems unbelievable to us, but there are still too many who can not shake their colonial vision

      • The twain shal Meet says:

        This Blog was undoubtedly planted. But when it doesn’t happen… and it won’t, will they delete it? Probably not.

        Bill c-51 no longer threatens protestors it’s been amended moths ago. But an NDP victory depends on spreading this lie.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol too bad none of your tax payer money funds anything to do with natives. All our funds are drawn from oil royalties. Seriously get a grip and learn real world education. You won’t get far with that attitude. Our “barbaric” ways are what’s preventing greedy corporations to completely fuck our land then leave with no consequences. I drop oil in a lake I will be fined or jailed, they get away with minor fines that are literally a penny in their pockets.

    • Salal says:

      Disgusting comments. If only natives resided here our environment would not be flushed down the corporate toilet. You know Realbertan, destroy our environment and there’ll be no commerce.

      How’s that little issue with Albertan Jessica Ernst and her polluted farm from fracking going?

    • lance davis says:

      Wow you sound like my uncle Al, he likes to drink and watch reruns of Sun Media broadcasts and spout off when he’s had 8 or 9 beers….go have a nice sleep and take a couple of aspirins…call your doctor in the morning..lol

    • This “SO CALLED” Conservative government in Ottawa is a CORPORATE Entity empowered by huge sums of money and as such cares not about you, the blue collared citizens of this country, We are just pawns to be manipulated and disenfranchised by Harper for he literally NOW owns the RCMP and uses it to enforce his will over the indigenous peoples and all who oppose him. I am amazed at this country’s lack of legislation and laws that would prevent evil such as HARPER and his GOONS from running rough shod over the rights of the people but then again it seems he owns the police as the G20 and the now harassment of the rights of the Indigenous peoples suggest he is NERO, the fire is burning and the fiddle is out.

    • Native&proud says:

      not all first nations are drunk natives. And I do not stoop to any level to wish anything bad upon you I will simply say “stop racism” we are all children of God he see’s as equals so put aside all this hatred Mother Earth is dying and you still bicker over “money” greediness doesn’t give you a pass to heaven forgive, let go and move on……..

      • Anonymous says:

        Only 95% are drunks.

        • A Gitksan says:

          You demonstrate precisely what people from all over the world can now see for themselves. Unmitigated racism from the non indigenous reside-rs of Great Turtle Island which encompasses the ENTIRE continent.

          Or are you simply one of Harper’s paid trolls? Whatever you are, you do serve a useful purpose.

          It takes intelligence to realize one needs to deprogram themselves. Are you ready?

          Canada is a corporation.

          The indigenous are NOT chattel of the Zionist corporation. All non indigenous people residing within our territories are shared chattel between TWO corporations identified as the US and Canada.

          You exist within the criminal House of Frauds, the indigenous do not.

          See: The Art of Stealing Human Rights by Gerry Gamble, given in 1957


          The following extracts are from a speech given by Gerry Gambill at a conference on Human Rights at Tobique Reserve in New Brunswick, in August, 1958. In this speech, he warned native people about how this society goes about taking away the human rights of native people…]”


          Let’s reel to 1969.

          “You are on Indian Land”.

          Mort Ransen, 1969, 36 min 48 s


          18 years later…

          Dancing Around the Table, Part One

          Maurice Bulbulian, 1987, 57 min 18 s

          “A documentary about the Conferences on the Constitutional Rights of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada (1983-85), focusing on the concept of self-government.”


          Canada is a criminal corporation with a mind blowing ‘hidden’ criminal history of epic proportions. The two corporations officially merged in 2011.

          All Treaties are Null and Void. Treaties are made between Nations ONLY not corporations or their poor debt burdened ‘chattel’ but we can negotiate business deals but you don’t bring much collateral to the table so, maybe not.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re sick. Why don;t you move back to 1940’s Nazi Germany you fascist Nazi!

    • Troy says:

      And this troll wins all of the attention and has effectively taken over this thread for several comments. Imagine people working in a data center and specializing in derailing comments; it happens, these people are professionals, and this person could be one of them.


    • Noharperfan says:

      Wow! Realberton – put the crack pipe down and read up on widely available TRUTHFUL information. The facts are there but you have not researched them. Me thinks thou hast swallowed the malarkey pill of the harper-controlled media.

      Shame on you for spewing your highly racist and baseless comments. Shame on you.

    • Anonymous says:

      RealAlbertan yep the name says it all. Redneck politics and a sheep to Dear Leader.

    • Anonymous says:

      I shake my head cause I am embarrassed for you with such a dumb comment and points can be made with defamation of another persons characters

    • LEmon says:

      You make all Albertan’s look like racist piece’s of shit. Good job.

    • Superman says:

      Big C indeed haha … Seriously just laughing at you .. A hollow person without a soul. I’m sure you align with Trump as well. You will come back just as ignorant the next life time. Oh wait you believe in nothing and obviously don’t deserve another – pathetic moron. Your leader … Which clearly makes you a sad little follower. Your existence is taxing the human race. Haha

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you just use the word SAVAGES!!! Do savages take children away from there families and abuse, torture and experiment on them?!?! Who is the SAVAGE?!? You ignorant piece of sh!t!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you might want to change your tune you owe a lot to the indigenous people of this land you are the immigrant not them they were here first it’s their land you are living on you better be grateful

      • Kim says:

        We all live on the planet.. we are “RENTERS” temporally. We do not own NO-THING… honestly you fighting a war that can not be won. We are wired for peace….not war.

    • fuckyoufuckboy says:

      The only answer to ignorance is stupidity. So fuck you fuck boy it’s sad that your generation was so easy to brainwash into extreme hated for the only people who do actually still care about your grandchildren shame on you. Fuck sakes.

    • crob says:

      you are a fucking idiot. “native savages”? why dont you grow up you useless piece of shit. by ” big C Conservative ” did you mean big cunt conservative? you are fucked in the head. you should be the one who is in jail, posting racism like that on the internet, thats a hate crime you fucking dirtbag

    • Anonymous says:

      Omg!! I’m speechless!!! It´s people like you that gives sucha bad reputation to Canada lately!!!
      The only thing to say is go educate yourself!!!

    • Jeri Malone says:

      Realbertan, just by your commments says all i need to know about you … Go ahead join your Big C losers, you and them are on the losing end of this coin.. Natives have a lot of support and I for one am glad of that !!

    • Sandy says:

      Holy shit, you are so ignorant, it hurts my brain.

      First Nations people were here before your family was so STFU.

    • Anonymous says:

      Get out of Canada if you don’t support the natives. You’re probably an immigrant that shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Only us true Canadians should have the right to determine how our country is run.

    • Anonymous says:

      ur in hell already so i dont need to say much about you, stay off there land thats all. lol

    • Smiles says:

      I love how first nations people get called savages by non first nation, it’s funny actually when you think about it, before Europeans arrived first nations people were fine, living off the lands and free to move to different areas to harvest from the land, once Europeans arrived, they brought disease, poison (alcohol), they stole lands, and limited first nations to where and what they can harvest, killing and ruining many habitants in their quest to make the all mighty dollar, who are the savages here?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to say but your ignorance & I’ll educated response proves how narrow minded you truely are. Sorry to say but not all natives are fall down drunks waiting for “free handouts” you are entitled to your ignorant narrow minded opinion but have you ever stopped & realized that there are a lot of well educated native people doing good for their communities, hometowns & doing great things? Personally I think everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and shouldn’t be looked down on because they Dont conform to societys brainwashing of what’s good/bad, right/wrong, good/evil … Ignorance is bliss, some love it more than others (and you proved this to be true by your ignorant comment)

    • Anonymous says:

      Ignorant clown…obviously a white supremacist

    • Anonymous says:

      You fucken racist dick! Go back to your country!

    • windyspirit says:

      Why don’t you shut your pie-hole red neck ‘Realbertan’. Racist pigs like you discredit all Albertans. We support the First Nations and will not allow your precious bitumen to cross BC. And I am a white citizen of this country. Down with racists like you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry you are such a sad example of a human, you need a lot of prayers so that you can heal and be proud of who you are. Your self hatred shows by your anger. I feel sorry for you. I will pray for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ur the real drain on our land .If we let people like you and your Harper gov’t stay in power any longer, our land is gonna be inhabitable in 50 years or or less. As for drinking it was your people who bought that here . We lived in harmony with the land . Your culture was built on greed and taking and trying to own everything.if it wasn’t for people like you and your Harper government my people would be so much healthier and happier in their barberic ways. It’s people like you that make this world an awful place. My people are going to do their best to save her!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Man you need help.are you related to trump.

    • Jeff says:

      You sir are what’s wrong with this country

    • Anonymous says:

      People like you make me sick!! So judgmental and shallow! As a First Nations woman, my family are hard workers living off the land. Have never relied on welfare, never had substance abuse, just would like to protect what is left after taken away. If you have any land or property, maybe they should put the pipeline through your land. And if you dare say no, get your ass thrown in jail

      • Kim says:

        You are fighting the wrong cause. You are female?? Let go of your hatred. You do not hurt others because you are hurting. Wrong. I am a First Nations woman no hurting others. I believe we are wrong for spewing our pain on others. Emptiness…wasted effort. Save your spirit…let go!!!

        • A Gitksan says:

          “I believe we are wrong for spewing our pain on others. Emptiness…wasted effort. Save your spirit…let go!!!”


          I suppose you missed where her family are hard workers and don’t require assistance from the faux government. They live quite well from the natural resources in their territory. They don’t suffer from substance abuse.

          Pain spewing? I think not.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Sheldon says:

      Are you for real? You the one that sounds like a savage….and a terrorist. …I have served this country near and abroad for 28 years in three CF….AND I am also First Nations…..what does that make me you fuck knuckles?

      I think you need to take a step back and let someone slap you until your eyes pop out…or maybe put ypu back to the stone age where you’ll rind the rock you crawled out from under

      If it’s NOT CROWN LAND then the Government has no right to just barge in and take it…shit mofo let’s just walk in and take your property. …I’ll even scalp you for free you ass

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a pawn in Her Harper’s little game and mind what about the Senate not to mention the environment you paint with a big brush you should visit the real world some time there is life outside the conservative strong hold

    • Tonehenge says:

      I have to grudgingly give you props…it takes balls of brass to be the high caliber asshole you evidently are.

    • Anonymous says:

      do you know ANYTHING about Canada’s history regarding the way our ancestors treated the native people of Canada? If you did, you would know why first nations people receive government “handouts”. And their so called “barbaric ways” must have worked out pretty well for them considering these people survived through countless Canadian winters long before european and british settlers even stepped foot on NATIVE LAND. This was the most ignorant post I’ve seen all week, educate yourself you racist rig pig.

    • JPierre says:

      wow, it would be very difficult to beat this as the most ignorant perspective of all times.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are not a real Conservative, you are a fucking racist asshole

    • Anonymous says:

      Typical racist rhetoric from a con

    • Not a tax payer my ass ! says:

      Are you serious , I’m first nation and I pay fucking on of the highest damn taxes in Canada don’t tell me we don’t pay taxes , fu..ing racist ass !

    • greg says:

      *yaaaaawn*…..SO 1988. Your type would be so much more entertaining if you actually had the intellect to be witty or original with your brain-vomit….as it is, you just look like a sad, disconnected, stupid, atavistic moron who hasnt yet realized that theyve been left behind in the dust…..

    • Dan says:

      Big coward. I would like for you to go in public and say this.

    • Sadlyponderingwhyyouhavetobesuchajerk says:

      Perhaps you should return to the hole you crawled out from under…2015 the only savages on this planet are the ones who care only for themselves and their profits. You sir are the savage..STOP HARPER STOP THE INSANITY lets take Canada back! VOTE ABC!!!

    • Greg Smith says:

      You Sir are a total piece of shit.

    • Geri says:

      realbertan: I am going to put this in simple terms, since it is evident by your post that you don’t know anything about treaties. Basically, treaties are like contracts. Agreements made a long time ago. What would your response be if someone from BC or Alberta or Montana decided that parts of Alberta should now become part of those provinces or state? Give your head a shake and reply with some respect and common sense. Put aside your racist ways and you will be happier.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not all natives are drunks you ignorant racist piece of shit.

      • Anonymous says:

        your right there not all drunken. what i don’t understand is the handouts they receive. the FN receiving veming the handouts wernt the ones who had there land taken away from them. this is basically saying “sorry i stole from your grandfather here in going to give you free stuff for your entire family! and does anyone realize that first nations clame there heritage was taken away from them. if they want to live withought any modern technology they can none is stopping them. the point us they want cars they want electricity. Everyone on this fucking comments page is trying to act like they know what the fuck there talking about but no one does.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing could be more Savage then what u have just said. Way to take the human race back 200 years in one paragraph. Pathetic.

    • Anonymous says:

      First of all, it is the native’s who supported us as we are on their land. We have been the drain as we are destroying the very land they share with us. Secondly, their alcoholism was a gift to them by us and it was perpetuated by all the abuse at residential schools when we tried to erase their identities. The problem continues today fuelled by a lack of government support; community and educational funding; support and treatment programs or even a simple duty of care shown by our “leaders”. They try to protect our land and the very air your dumbass breathes while our government wants to eliminate them as they stand in the way of larger dirty oil projects and profits….profits for the 1%. Go ahead and support the very people who will be the reason there soon will no longer be new generations of dumbasses. Best part of all, they count on your complete stupidity to make it happen. They actually laugh at you as you drank every drop of their Kool-aid. Way to go!! Some ants are just meant to be ruled.

    • Anonymous says:

      what are your focusing on one thing all native are not Alcoholic there is some are non drinkers there is some native are ploice firemen pramedics abd we not barbaric but only when you come on our land when your not welcome we go barbaric on your ass

    • falstaff36 says:

      You evil fucking pigsticker redneck fucking fascist piece of shit. Kill yourself & every single other person who thinks like you do immediately.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is THEIR land, signed into legal Treaty: look up the word Treaty; a legally binding agreement between two sovereign states. Sorry, big words.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dropping bombs on families in Syria. Selling asbestos to the ignorant lesser fortunate in other countries. Tearing down more forest along with animals than anywhere else on the planet. Factory farming billions of suffering animals. And the fact that we stole this land to useuse our technology in order to create far more atrocities than natives or anyone else has ever been capable of yet, here you are pointing your finger at the innocent. Always remember when you point your finger, there are always three more fingers pointing back at you. U are to blame for supporting evil,never the natives of our beautiful land of Canada.

      So sad that some people are so ignorantly horrible when through education they could have become leaders. So sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am embarrassed to share a country with “realalbertan”…Why don’t you move to the states where your philosophy is more widely accepted!

    • Anonymous says:

      You hit the nail on the head. I love how sooo many people are oblivious to what happens up north. They are all boohoo for the natives. My opinion is with all the handouts they get how come they haven’t educated them selves and better there future. They will protest until the pipeline companies finally give them the dollar amount that they want. They claim to be the environmentists and care about the land and water and animals. Yet the poach and kill female moose and only take the meat that’s easiest to carve off instead of taking all the meat. Plus the put there nets all the way across the river so no fish can get by mean while saying sport fishermen whom take and eat there catches and not sell them for booze money. I’m so sick and tired of all the handouts and rights that they get. They are Canadian just like the rest of us and should contribute to taxes to maintain our beautiful country!!!!!!

    • Ben Duursms says:

      You are an idiot. Which explains why you like Harper.

    • linda says:

      you are a sick sick human being your tax dollars is payment for people like your dead brain drain took their lands away

    • Anonymous says:

      I think your a communist if you like harper

    • Earl says:

      The Realbertansavage does not pay more taxes than this Indian & needs to look at the long line of drunks that most likely knocked up his mother & calls his dad uncle, when you start paying as much tax as I do maybe you can afford some booze too asshole!

    • Kilgore says:

      Realbertan is just a giant TROLL! You good people are getting sucked in simply by engaging him. Save your rage and spend your time more productively. This type of ignorance doesn’t deserve acknowledgement.

    • Anonymous says:

      quit selling booze then,cause of al evil and greed,Think clearly for a second,Stupid.

    • ReallyReal says:

      C’mon! Your racist prejudice views are rediculous! Yes, you are allowed your opinions. But you do realize white people have their scum as do blacks as do Indians, french, english etc…the issue here is Harper is selling out our country to The US, China and so on.

    • Anonymous says:

      you r a sad and lonely closed minded waist of space on this Planet!

    • Anonymous says:

      Your a very sick person

    • ambre says:

      Your a blind racist!!! I’m native and proud to be one. Yes there are drunk natives out there but are there not white, black, ECT drunks out there as well or are they all native? Your comment sickens me. Native people are fighting for our land to keep it beautiful so people like you can’t run it into the ground. You should be thanking us savages because if it weren’t for us this world would have been run to the ground long ago. Take your head out of your ass long enough to see what’s really going on in this world or are you too busy staring at all us drunks?

    • joe says:

      You are ignorant and ill schooled. You should read a little more on the Trust fund for the native people. Until then you are spouting misguided b.s.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol shut up! Deal with it

    • Sharon Saasin says:

      so ignorant!!!! i am first Nations and i only did not pay taxes on Reserve, i pay taxes every year.
      you are the savage for living in your own little world and not educating yourself, you are a very angry person! very sad!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the most racist, ignoramus comment I have heard yet. Go back to your drink.. You need therapy.

    • Billy Jack says:

      I would rather sit next to a drunk Indian than next to an illegal immigrant pedophile like Realberton!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think we are pretty primitive our selves as were still using fossil fuels, we should be focsing on making better technologies then innovating old ones and destroying our planet even more, like using water fusion to power our cars instead of wasting our taxpayers dollars on silly campaigns! so really we are all the savages!

    • SadCanadian says:

      Realy Bertan, First Nations a drain on our econom!?? We wouldn’t have an economy if we hadn’t STOLEN their land! Ok sure there is something to be said for progress, but are you really so dumb as to calculate the worth of our country in dollars and not in the beauty of the land!? We have so many resources, so much wealth and people like you are willing to throw it all away for the sake of the almighty dollar. I can’t believe that their are still ignorant people like you who believe the natives of this land were savages. He who pilfers the land is more savage than any man, as we rely on our land to provide the basic necessities of life. The natives at least could understand that. Stand in line for your rations asshole, cause one day you may endure suffering as did they. Unless your at the very top of it all? Then your nothing but scraps for the dogs. Alcohol was brought here and fed to the natives so they would do the bidding of greedy assholes who valued money more than freedom, justice, beauty and love. Ill say a prayer for you today as you have lost your way, I’ll say a prayer for you today that you will wake up one day and see all humans as equal, and have pain in your heart for the struggle of our native Americans. For one who cannot feel the pain in others must surely be afraid to see his own true self. May you conquer your fears and learn to love unconditionally. For there lies true wealth!

  4. willis says:

    Racist pigs don’t bother one bit I still own my power,I don’t get it from government

  5. Les Johnson says:

    Same thing happening all over again. When the whitemen came here, the natives shared with them. But they wanted it all. They began taking the land and resources, moving the natives onto reserves to get them out of the way. They turned the resources into money and put it into their bank accounts. Now they call it taxpayer money. Today, the whites still benefit from that theft. So who is really getting something for nothing?

  6. Brian Edgar says:

    Does anyone actually know if its true that the RCMP are planning this supposed mass arrest? I haven’t heard anything from them or anything real about a source that’s made this allegation. I’m not denying it, just not willing to buy in without some clear info.

    I support the Unist’ot’en Nation and their Declaration.

    • Salal says:

      Yes, Grand Chief Phillip was interviewed on a Victoria radio station a half hour ago. He said he would be travelling to the area in question. He intimated that perhaps the time had come for him to be arrested too. This is serious. We should contact our MP’s..MLA’s etc and ask the RCMP to stand down. The Chief felt that the RCMP are acting on orders from Ottawa and perhaps Victoria too.

    • I also support the Unist’ot’en Nation and their Rights to self determination and if the RCMP were TRUTH they would be defending these rights against any government, any group, any Corporation or any person who defiles these rights…..Right is on your side and so are many Canadians including many Whites.

    • windyspirit says:

      They succeeded to invoke the RCMP for protests in New Brunswick. RCMP officers were working for the oil companies on their days off as ‘security’ guards and then being cops the next day??????

  7. Anonymous says:

    Here is the trick with C-51. The police declare your protest as being illegal. You get arrested if your protest continues. Convenient huh?

  8. LET IT BE KNOWN as of December 1, 2014, under the court decision of August 25, 2014 that convicted the United States Corporation and their officers of fraud, extortion, human trafficking, involuntary servitude, murder, high treason, and crimes against humanity, all corporate governmental, judicial and enforcement powers and authority are revoked and nullified and all such personnel are hereby ordered to immediately STAND DOWN.
    Any further corporate governmental intervention into any matter regarding any activity in any of the several states related to the Respublica of Earth, United States of America is now considered a Breach of the Peace.
    LET IT BE FURTHER KNOWN that anyone disregarding this ORDER is considered personally liable for acts leading criminality against the People and faces immediate arrest and detainment by the Court of Ages, Earth District Natural Law Peace Officers deputized by the Court which includes all militia and National Guard.
    http://www.courtofages dot com/usa-orders.html
    http://www.courtofages dot com/intl-orders.html
    http://www.courtofages dot com/documents.html

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    No offense to the native people but I fail to see how you can claim all of Canada. Land has been fought over and taken from many people’s since the beginning of recorded history. All of the other people/races that lost land in wars do not stake claim on the land that was “once theirs” how is it different for native people ???

    • During the WAR of 1812 when America decided to invade Canada it was our Indigenous Brothers who were the main obstacle and it was their actions that saved us from now singing the Star Spangled Banner..Further more England betrayed them and they lost all that was promised.

    • Anonymous says:

      If they shouldn’t be able to claim it, then why the hell should anyone else be able to? Borders only exist because of greedy humans enforcing their own safe zones for protection. This planet has become a giant monopoly board with fake money that didn’t actually exist until the ones in power said so to maintain control and slavery over people that also do not belong to them, yet somehow they still own us.

    • Anonymous says:

      At least we would looked after it better then people have been just a short 150 years. That’s how long it took for them to destroy all of our natural resources. The salmon are not returning every year. We have no more herring beds. There aren’t anymore bees, grasshoppers. You name it they are all slowly disappearing. Our people weren’t greedy, just took what we needed and never sold anything.

  11. cheryl says:

    Where do I sign up? I’m a grandma. They can throw me in jail too. Just let us know where to show up folks. Won’t a mass arrest make for good media copy right in the middle of an election campaign?

    • Noharperfan says:

      Were I in that area, I would stand with you Cheryl and hold my head up if they cart me off.

      Protecting the interests of foreign corporate profit / theft and environmental devastation over the treaty rights, clean water, the ruin of our nation – we make more of the GDP in parks and tourism, not HARPER’S terrorism – will of the people, the coming end of natural salmon streams, whales, forests, clean water, species at risk over the rights and future of the nation is what is illegal.

      Why are the RCMP even involved? Go fight real crime. Investigate and arrest the real criminal – harperman.

    • Salal says:

      Yes, it will remove any doubt who our government is married to.

    • madison says:

      Thank is an excellent idea to stage an organized rally to test this theory.
      clever indeed and so close to elections.

  12. Paul3280 says:

    Your big conservatives HARPER has totally screwed this country to the core. Your such a dumbass hillbilly look around you you blind idiot your dollars are going to support welfare white peopleand they own a fuck of alot more then I do working 2 jobs. I have lived as a white person next to a reserve the natives are no more drunk then any other person on this planet and I have seen some stupid drunks of all races.You should go hide in the closet with your wonderfull leader when the soldiers outside became the targets

    • Kim says:

      What are you sharing?? Your Harping about your bull-shit. No revealance. You are doing your best with the 2 jobs you have and you have time to complain. Wtf. Seriously.. get a third job you have way too much time on your hands.. Kudos!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Fuck u Harper u pig eating son of a Whore…

  14. Over 1100 people were kettled, beaten, disrespected and locked up in pens like animals by the police during HARPER’S G20 in Toronto. One of my friends had his artificial leg ripped off because he could not stand up and he was dragged to a vehicle, thrown in to end up in one of these pens.
    Yes !! This DID HAPPEN IN CANADA and I have a video that illustrates the infamy of the Police acting on HARPER’S decree. I Support the Unist’ot’en People’s RIGHTS.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Go north around B.C. and avoid the B.C. gong show. Alaska has offered up their existing tanker facilities. The muslim in chief will probably try to stop it though.

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Bob says:

    Stand up to bullies and let us know what we can you to help! Start a petition online!

  18. Sala says:

    And now for more undemocratic news.

    Two legal efforts dismissed against Site C dam

    Vancouver, BC, Canada / News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver’s News. Vancouver’s Talk

    Ria Renouf

    August 28, 2015 11:29 am

    Two legal efforts dismissed against Site C dam
    Two potential roadblocks against the Site C project have been dismissed.

    On Friday, the B.C. Supreme Court dismissed an application for an injunction that would have stopped some construction work on the $8-billion megadam project set for the Peace Valley.

    Democracy is dead and gone. Long live dictatorial rule!

  19. BCboy says:

    Not once did I think C51 was about jihadists. I knew it would be used to stifle environmental protection activists and Native opposition to desecration of their lands, ecological parks, preserves and the such for pipelines.

    As stated by Rocco Galati, we are in a dictatorship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgdyWPxLf1s

  20. s. Kawkfi says:

    As treaties in the past were slanted towards the (civilized peoples) today we are making sure our peoples are rightfully compensated for the use of our lands

  21. Eva van Loon says:

    Everybody, vote as early as possible. It may be impossible from jail.

  22. Actual_REAL_Albertan says:

    Getting tired of those Albertans waving the Harpo flag while spouting racist crap and destroying the natural environment (and somehow THEY are not terrorists?). Alberta is rejecting Harpo, and I know I speak for many Albertans who respect cultures and the land, and will step up to do their part. Harpo has to go–I personally wish May could step in, but wonder at the first past the post system that may make strategic voting necessary. From a wise, wise man: “After years of seeking I can find not a single case in history, or the research, showing any organization (or government) changing ahead of public opinion.”

  23. Ben jamin says:

    The Liberals help support this. STAND DOWN HARPER

  24. Kim says:

    Alberta is Fracting and going to blow up BC…lol Next earthquake will be caused by humans…lol We are our own worst enemies…ha ha Boom!! Alberta is the worst hated province… they have the explosives to create their own reality. They have been practicing for years..do not piss em off…lol We are more under threat from our own than we are from anywhere else.. Look at these postings it shows us we are bad..

  25. Edward L says:

    Are the RCMP starting to become the enemy of the people? Interesting question and I think the answer is still out on that one.

  26. Eric Lavallee says:

    Fuck RCMP fuck this government fuck most of its citizens I so wanna kill Harper slowly and in the most painful way possible. Fucking Criminals deserve Death why is he no different.

  27. I know no country is perfect and that some level of greed, corruption, prejudice, and outright psychopath tendencies exist in anything where power is a word, but as an American, I have looked to Canada with respect in certain areas that put my country in the dark ages in comparison. I am really sad to see this. I hope Canada can fight this, because if a similar law would allow this here, I do not believe it could be fought. The government’s actions would be considered an act of war and the genocide would begin again.

  28. Big Chief says:

    Good..this is exactly what we need. Time to unite!! Im sure if they want to label the TRUE OWNERS OF THIS LAND terrorists…then it might be what they get?

  29. Big Chief says:

    Lol..I just realized bill c-51 can not be used against First Nations in Canada!! The royal proclamation ensures that First Nations interests are protected in situations like this and it SUPERSEDES CANADA !!!

  30. Mixed opinions says:

    I want to first acknowledg that FN are a critical part of what makes Canada such an amazing country and I love and respect so many of them and there traditions. I’ve lived in NWT, BC, Alberta. I grew up having a number of FN friends and noticed the benefits that they received that even though our families where as equally poor and basically the only difference between us was the color of our skin. Now someone explain to me how we as Canadian’s in this day in age give one set of people money and not another based on the colour of their skin or heritage? I’ve herd the argument that its because of a treaty we need to uphold, but at what point is that treaty irrelevant? Just like how laws change to meet the needs and demands of citizens. Trust me I’m not saying I want my fair share or I expect the government pumping out money to my children because I have a deep appreciation for the value of work and the character it builds and I know that if the government is giving away money it means I’ve taken from someone else. Then as far as the issue of this oil pipelines I am a fly fisherman and an outdoor enthusiasts who respects what the good lord gave us to enjoy but also know that everything from the car I drive to my fishing rod and clothing has some connection to oil. Therefore the only way I see a good solution for both sides is that we work together and take all appropriate precautions to protect our beautiful country but just as important we need to get Canadians back to work and oil and gas is the obvious solution to that!

    • Geri says:

      Forgive me, Mixed Opinion, but I have to respond to your post. What were FN children or families given that you were not? If you were equally poor, your family would have been entitled to welfare or what was referred to as relief back in the day. Medical and education were given to people of either colour.

      You ask “What is the purpose of a treaty and what point do they become irrevelant

  31. |-|pocrisy |\/ says:

    I have yet to see legitimate reasons for these rushed in laws . But I can tell you this not by coincidence that these laws will propagate domestic terrorism . And thereby legitimize itself .
    Are they prepared yet for non false flags?

  32. ken says:

    They got cars,power take it away from them

  33. Random White Man from NB says:

    These racists are making this a race issue …. Do not allow them to pull you down to their level. There is but one race and that is the human race!

    Let the government illegally expropriate the land of these racists and see if they are still singing he same tune.

    Your land today, my land tomorrow, his land the next day!

    The injustices that we accept today will set the stage for greater injustices tomorrow.

    This pale skinned brother stands with you!

  34. Anon says:

    Canadian RCMP Have NO jurisdiction on UNCEDED Territory…It’s not we are not part of any treaty we are our own people

  35. Brian Burnett says:

    It saddens me to see largely first names stsnding up gor things that should be sacred to all Canadians..ie- our forests …waterways..wildlife..We need to all stand together and have the right to protest. Any man who takes away these inaliable rights is a traitor and true terrorist and his name is Harper

  36. terry Crossie says:

    Just like the wars measures act back in the Trudeau days, it allowed the police to break down doors across Canada where before they were not allowed to take advantages of peoples rights. we live in a police state run by Harper. time for a change for sure , Unfortunately there is no difference in any of the candidates they just wear different colored coats, the strings are still pulled by the same forces.

  37. Helix says:

    This is such anti-C51 nonsense. There’s literally zero connection to anything related to C-51 laws other than the title itself which is based entirely on speculation and fear. C51 needs work but until these people are actually jailed under these new laws this article serves no purpose other than to add to the fear mongering of the laws which have been in place for months already. I saw several high profile protests around the Pan Am Games events and everything was normal.

    What these people really need to be concerned over is the 250 million dollars in new police officers that Thomas Mulcair just committed to. More cops = more lone wolf cops who may lose their tempers.

    Last but not least, that quote about C51 law may very well be made up. I’ve read much of the bill and can’t recall that line in it at all. So much fear mongering and lying going on about this bill now. It’s reached the point where people I know think they are being watched and can no longer download movies, etc. It’s nonsensical conspiracy crap. They don’t have anywhere near the agents to monitor anything but the jihadist websites themselves. You’re all buying into Libertarian/Tea Party/Loose change/911 was an inside job conspiracy nonsense.

  38. None ya says:

    F_€k harperman, bill c-51 AND f_€k the police. Who the hell do these people think they are!?! Can’t wait for Oct., but harper probably bought his way back in with his boyfriend obama’s money

  39. Logan says:

    Please do the smart thing, and vote harper out.

  40. Anonymous says:

    It is rather hilarious to me that the longest chain of comments in this entire thread is people shooting back at a comment that was so obviously a troll.

    Sarcasm is a thing. Stop getting baited so hard by it.
    Or must we end all such remarks w/ kappa?

  41. Paul Mauviel says:

    Escape Canada while you still can people.

    We are slowly turning into the states and suppression of the people is a governmental creed over there.

  42. Johnny 100 Pesos says:

    I call bs on this story, it smells fishy. The very lack of any credible source should tell anyone that it’s questionable.

  43. ellin callvis says:

    There is no truth to the idea that Canada’s economy depends on Big Oil and Tar Sands – Harpernomics has tried to tie our financial future to the Tar Sands, but with oil at $40/bbl and break-even for some Tar Sands oil at $70/bbl it is obviously not the way to go.

    Renewable energy provides 10 times the number of jobs per unit of energy produced AND renewables are SUSTAINABLE.

    Most importantly, the natural environment has always been the basis for any and all human activity – our use of oil and gas have created a threat far bigger than “terrorism” could ever be!!

    • Jamie says:

      Would it be possible (unless it’s already being done) for the aboriginal community to take the leap into producing renewable energies? Would be an excellent example to the people of Canada.

  44. Huni says:

    FUCK the conservatives for passing these laws and FUCK the liberals for supporting it
    Wake Up people! It’s really happening

  45. lionel brown says:

    The harper government always wanted to take away the rights of all Canadians as have all Canadian governments since the repatriation of the B N A [British North America Act] when P.E.T. changed this free and democratic country into this oxymoron of a socialist democracy bill C-51 is just another in a long list of bills to deny all Canadians their rights both fundamental and legal in accordance with the charter of rights and freedoms .These bills are against the administration of law and justice and should be denied by the courts. this however will never be done as the courts and the government got into bed with each other and as many of our politicians are members of the bar association and all lawyers and judges must be members to practice law therefore they would be in a conflict of interest to go against each other . I say stand up for all native Canadians no matter their cultural backgrounds it is soon to be a terrorist act to believe act to believe in freedom and the Canadian government is working hard to make this come about . they use the rcmp as their personal army. remember Ipperwash. go idle no more. full support for all activists for canadians rights our government is the terrorist organization.

  46. Alexis S. says:

    we should citizens arrest Harper for being a terrorist in his own country! His is a dictator! He will be the next Adolf Hitler if we don’t get rid of him! These people if arrested will probably be charged and probably be sent to concentration camps. Then maybe people will open their eyes and see. I want Harper more than removed from office. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take a full deep breath again, not until he’s dead.

  47. anonymous says:

    i think the canadian goverment needs to get there heads out of there asses and start fighting for there own people who are trying to survive in this country. And as far as the natives goes its there land to begin with so you should respect there wishes.

  48. Cindy says:

    The harper record with our First Nations is disgusting. All Canadians need to step up and support our native Canadians in this fight against Harper and preserve what should be protected land for all generations. Harper has fostered an air of blatant racism in our country. Get rid of Harper and his cronies and work toward building our country back up to what we were once proud of.

  49. Liberty says:

    Sna Khal Ya brothers…! This colonial is very proud of what you are doing and respects your right and duty to protect your lands.

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